Top 5 Fishing Gear Kit for First Time Anglers

How to start fishing? If you are new to fishing and just want to get started fishing, this could be a confusing question. As fishing has been popular for years, there are numerous fishing tackles, fishing gear, and fishing tools out there, making it difficult for you to make decisions on what to get. Although all of these fishing tools seem important, there are just a few necessary items to get started. The 5 essential fishing gear kit below will get you through your first fishing trip to the water.

No.1 - Rods and Reels

Needless to say, rods and reels are the most important fishing gear to begin with. You can't go fishing with bare hands. So, the first thing to get fishing started is to choose your fishing rods and reels. There are different types of fishing rods and fishing reels designed for specific fishing styles. But if you are a first time angler, the most important thing is to keep it simple. There is so much to learn and you will have every chance to dive into a more complex level of fishing gear.

rod and reel

To make it easy, you may want to look for a rod and reel combo. This kind of fishing gear kit usually selects an entry-level fishing rod and reel that easy for beginners to use. To start with, a medium-action and medium-power rod is friendlier for a first-time user, so is a spinning reel. Plusinno has selected a few fishing rods and reels combos. The fishing rods are telescopic ones, light-weight and compact, very easy for novice anglers or even kids. The reels come in the combos are spinning reels, very smooth drag. More importantly, these combos are starting at very affordable prices, perfect for first time anglers that are looking for budget fishing gear kit.

No.2 - Line

Fishing line is another vital piece of fishing gear, it directly connects your rod and the fish, no one can hook a fish without fishing line. There are 3 widely used fishing lines, braided line, monofilament line, and fluorocarbon line. These lines are perfect for fishing. But the most popular type would be the monofilament fishing line, it is widely used for both freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing.

fishing combo

The line comes in a variety of colors and strengths, excellent stretch, perfect for small or medium size fish. It is also the most affordable one. Braided line is much stronger than monofilament, which makes it so hard to cut, not that friendly for beginners, but works great for big fish. You can get those fishing lines from the internet or any local shop. But if you still don't have a clue what to choose, again, those rod and reel combos can be very helpful because they already have fishing line included.

No.3 - Tackle

Apart from fishing rod, reel, and fishing line; there are many other fishing tackles and fishing gear can be useful on the sport of fishing. For instance, you may need tools like fishing line spooler, fishing net, fishing pliers, jigs, hooks, sinkers, weights, and so on. All the things that can be used to fish are useful, but not all of these are essential. You can make some of the tools by yourself, or find some substitutes. But there are these essentials that you must have, essentials like jigs, hooks, and weights. These accessories are not that easy to make, but you can get them at very reasonable prices. For first time anglers, there are many tackle boxes on the market that usually include a bunch of fishing accessories, so they don't have to buy each of them independently.

fishing lures

No.4 - Lures

Fishing lures have changed the traditional way of fishing. People used to use live bait to fish, but now the use of fishing lures is becoming more and more popular. The reason is that there are literally more types of fishing lure to choose, ranging from different colors to different styles. More importantly, these fishing lures are very easy to use, even for starters.

Fishing lures on the market are soft plastics, spinner baits, crank baits, swim baits, flies, jigs, and spoons. Among these, the easiest ones to use are soft plastic lures, spinner baits, and some topwater lures like whopper plopper and frog lures. But if you are that kind of fishermen who are just eager to try different things, the fishing lures kits will suit you just fine for containing a variety of different fishing lures.

fishing rod holder

No.5 - Rods Holder

Last but not least, the rods holder. When you become a real fisherman, you will realize that one of fishermen's hobbies is to talk about fishing gear and buy a lot of fishing gear. So, there are chances that you will own many fishing poles after several fishing trips. In order to organize your fishing poles and prevent them from getting tangled together, you will need a specific tool to put them orderly. That's when a fishing rods holder comes in handy.

There are a lot of fishing rods holders with quite different designs. If you have enough space in your house or garage, your options are plenty. But for those who have very limited space, a wall mounted fishing rods holder is what you might be looking for. First of all, it doesn't take much space. Secondly, it can hold up to 9 fishing rods. Thirdly, it is very easy to install, and to put on or take down the rods. Plusinno's wall mounted fishing rods holder is something like that, sturdy, convenient and affordable. For novice anglers, 1 pack of this rods holder can basically hold all the fishing rods.

The 5 fishing gears above are the most widely used in fishing. If you are a beginner or just start to fish, buying these gears is enough for you to get started. When you officially get addicted to fishing, there is more for you to explore. So, don't hurry in the first place, just keep all things simple.

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