The Top 4 Fishing Lures For Bass In 2022

How to pick the best bass fishing lures from all sorts of lures can be a tricky problem. Not all fishing lures are omnipotent. The best fishing lures for bass are always those that work effectively in some seasons and under some conditions. That is to say, they are usually seasonal and conditionally. They can be useless if used improperly. However, bass fishing lures can always get the job done nicely, as fishing tools. Because, except for excellent fishing lures, you will also need certain techniques to get the fish hooked.

If you go bass fishing a lot, you will know that the environment and circumstances can affect the fish habits a lot. In order to catch fish, an avid angler should always have different fishing lures in his tackle box to choose from, according to the conditions. This article will run through the top 4 fishing lures that work amazingly for bass.

soft plastic worms

Soft Plastic Worms

Soft plastic lures can offer great effectiveness and possibilities while fishing, and this can be done through a whole lot of combinations of different colors and shapes. There is a well-known bass fishing style called Wacky Rig requiring this certain fishing lure, the soft plastic worms. It works by attaching the hook to the middle of the soft plastic worm.

When the soft plastic wacky worms fall into the water, they will create a wiggling and wobbly motion to intimate a wounded prey creature, perfect for provoking strikes from bass. The color of the plastic worm depends on the circumstances, if the water is dark, go with the darker color, and if the water is lighter, stay with the natural ones. The right place to attach to hook to the soft plastic worm is the middle of it. To get this done, you will need an O-ring. To make things easier and save all the hassle, we recommend the Plusinno Wacky Worm Fishing Lure Kit which concludes different colors of soft plastic worms, hooks, and O-rings.

frog lures

Popping Frog Lures for Bass

Popping frog lures are legendary for bass fishing. These frog lures are designed with a soft-hollow body to mimic the look and motion of a living frog. They work best in the summer when you fish for bass. Frogs are extremely active in the summer time and bass is keen on them. Popping frog lures are quite effective in those ponds covered with lily pads, that’s where frogs like to stay and bass can’t tell the lures from the living ones, as frog lures always come with several colors.

Another perfect feature of the popping frog lures is that they have a soft body that can not only hide the hooks nicely but also offer a natural bite to the bass. They look realistic and the popping motion can attract bites from the bass. These are definitely going to your tackle box and your go-to bass fishing lures in summer.

whopper plopper lures

Whopper Plopper Fishing Lures

Whopper Plopper is one of the best fishing lures for bass. It is very popular, and literally a game-changer. The reason why it is so famous and welcomed is that it’s extremely easy to use. All you have to do is reel it in, literally.

Whopper Plopper is a hard plastic fishing lure. The trick is all about the movement. The lure comes with a tail, when you reel it, the lure starts spinning spontaneously. And no matter if you reel it slowly or quickly, it will just work fine. When the lure spins, it will create some noise to greatly get the fish’s attention and arouse their interest. The whopper plopper lure can easily catch fish in open water with its excellent action because most of the fish haven’t seen anything like this before. Just remember not to fish it in the grass, it will get tangled and stop working.



The spinnerbait is a special lure. It is known as the most versatile fishing lure to be used in most conditions, and year-round. Bass fishermen love to use spinnerbaits, because it is effective no matter in cold or hot water, muddy or clear water.

The look of spinnerbait is not like the usual lures. But it uses vibration and flash to attract the attention of bass. Spinnerbait is designed with a jig head on one end and a metal blade on the other. The jig head usually comes with a rubber skirt to hide the hook. When the spinnerbait travels through the water, the metal blade can make a lot of vibration to be detected by the bass. Bass has a strong sensing system to sense vibration from yards away, so they will chase and attack the spinner bait. Spinnerbaits have different weights heads and shapes of metal blades. There are multiple methods to cast out a spinnerbait. The point is it is versatile and simple to use for bass fishing. For sure, apart from the fishing lures mentioned above.

There are more fishing lures that work great for bass. These are the ones that we reckon are versatile and easy to use, no matter for fishing beginners or avid anglers. They can help to catch fish at ease. If you know there are other excellent fishing lures, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.