How to Teach Your Kids to Fish

Fishing with your kids is a great way to spend the family time together, and can also strengthen the bond between you and your kids. Admittedly, fishing can be so fun and meaningful, especially when you are taking your kids with you. Kids all love water, they will be so pleased to be near water or on the water. They also can be so excited when catching their first fish and this is the moment they’ll never forget.

But when should we start teaching kids to fish? Many people would ask. It is recommended not to teach children to fish under 3. We can take them to fish when they can hold the fishing rod very well and have good control of their bodies and movements, and can speak very clearly to express their point. Here are some tips to notice when teaching your kids to fish.

1. Choose the appropriate size fishing rod

Kids are not like adults, their hands are quite small, choosing the right size fishing rod is the first step to teach them how to fish. There are a lot of kids’ fishing rods on the internet; most of them will fit your little ones, lighter and smaller for kids to use. The usual fishing rod sizes for kids are around 36 inches to 5 feet. With the right size, then you can teach your kids how to cast a fishing rod.

2. Use artificial baits

Many fishermen would choose live baits while fishing. But when teach your kids to fish, we usually recommend using artificial baits, more convenient for them to learn how to fish.

Plusinno Kids Fishing Combo

 3. Mind for safety

When taking kids to fish, the location or spot is quite important as well. Before heading out, choose the right location carefully. No matter you decide to fish from the shore or from a boat, always let your kids wear life jackets to protect them. And always by their side while taking them fishing, be ready to help any time. Don’t let kids do the fishing alone.

4. The point is to have fun and play

Be very patient when taking your kids to fish. It’s not easy for kids to catch fish for the first time, have some patience while teaching them. When your kids catch a fish for the first time, they could use some praise. And do not get depressed if they don’t catch fish, the point of the fishing trip is not all about fish, but to spend a great time with your kids, so just have fun and play.

Kids fishing

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