About Us

Affected by his father, the founder of PLUSINNO is a fishing enthusiast since his youth. He enjoys the unknown every time he pulls the rod and the sense of accomplishment when he successfully catches a big fish. After entering the university, he found that many of his friends do not know how to fish, so he enthusiastically shared this hobby. Friends are also willing to accept and want to feel the fun of fishing. But they are students don't have much budget to spend on hobbies. As a beginner, the first problem they face is to choose a suitable set of equipment. In order to help friends choose fishing tackle, he will make comparisons and choose the most suitable fishing rod, spool, hook and bait among different brands.

This is an exhausting task, he thought: Even people like me who often fish face the difficulty of choosing from different brands of fishing tackles, not to mention newbies who don't know how to fish. Fishing is an interesting and beneficial activity. The selection of fishing tackle and the cost for this should not become resistance for beginners to get started. Is there a brand that can provide cheap and high-quality fishing tackle for novices and amateurs? This is the original intention of PLUSINNO.

"Easy to enjoy fishing" is our slogan, and this concept is also reflected in our product design. We are the first brand on the market that sells rod and reel combos, which are convenient to carry on every vacation or short outing. In addition, we have launched fishing tackles specially designed for children.

PLUSINNO means plus innovation aims to refresh people’s understanding of fishing and let them know participating in this interesting sport is not complicated.

Our mission is to provide the best products and services for fishing beginners and amateurs.

We create natural, lightweight and professional fishing equipment.Our products go through sophisticated manufacturing and testing processes. All our products are checked and tested by professional outdoors-man, who are involved from start to finish.

We keeps improving through customer feedback and continues to develop more and better fishing gear products. Let family and friends who love fishing link up and enjoy the fun of fishing together.