PLUSINNO Cast Net with Aluminum Frisbee
PLUSINNO Cast Net with Aluminum Frisbee
PLUSINNO Cast Net with Aluminum Frisbee
PLUSINNO Cast Net with Aluminum Frisbee
PLUSINNO Cast Net with Aluminum Frisbee
PLUSINNO Cast Net with Aluminum Frisbee
PLUSINNO Cast Net with Aluminum Frisbee
plusinno cast net

PLUSINNO Cast Net with Aluminum Frisbee

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Best Cast Net for Beginners

Throwing a cast net is the hardest part of catching bait. It takes time and practice to master the technique. To make the process easier, the PLUSINNO Flying Disc Magic Hand includes a special aluminum disk that ensures the net opens perfectly every time. Making this net the best cast net for a beginner.

A Must CAST NETS For Any Fishermen

PLUSINNO fishing casting net available in 4FT/5FT/6FT/7FT/8FT/10FT(Radius Size) included 1 cast net, 1 repair kit, 1 carry bag and instruction book.

How to Choose the Right Fishing Net Size for Beginner?

The larger the radius of the fishing net, the larger the area where the net is spread, and the greater the probability of catching fish. At the same time, it will be .more difficult to spread the net. Beginners recommend choosing a small size fishing net


Casting net is made of high quality elastic nylon, the nylon mesh is soft to open quickly and easily and more durable than monofilament. 3/8" mesh can accommodate most bait species, catch more baits with ease! The bottom adopts durable lines to improve the working capacity and service life of the nylon fishing net.

Quickly Sink

Upgrade perforation galvanized lead sinkers design, which can effectively reduce the splash water. Provide better weight and quick sink and a tight bottom seal prevents bait to escape. The fishing net are easy to throw for distance and accuracy, yet sink quickly to ensure a good haul.

Ideal Gift

Fishing cast net is suitable for freshwater and saltwater, like shallow seas, rivers, lakes, ponds and many occasions, making capturing live bait easy and fun. The cast net comes with the portable handbag, It is convenient for you to carry when you go out for fishing. Special Gift for Father's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine's Day etc.


Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Robson Almen
Good buy

Light and ease on casting.

ron smith

as i told you before but you do not take any notice as the product is shipped from your australian depo in qld please show your prices in australian doolars not usa dollars

Les Boyle
Well made net.

I have thrown 10’ nets for years but gave them all away when I sold my boat. I wanted something smaller and easy to throw as I’ve gotten older. This net is very well made but I’ve had a little trouble throwing consistent circles. I wish Plusinno had a really good video showing step by step how to load and throw it. The YouTube videos are all over the place.


I am finding it very difficult to use.

Darrell Runyon

Don't know haven't used it yet but some ppl I know that have one say the weights are not heavy enough and they're only able to get the small bait. So I shall see and hopefully it isn't as they say; if so maybe I'll modify it and play around to make it what's best for me.

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