Top 8 Fishing Lure Brands You Can't Resist In 2022

The development of fishing lures has largely changed the way of fishing. Fishermen have also developed different casting techniques based on some specific types of fishing lures. And they all agree that many fishing lures just have overturned fishing and made people enjoy fishing more and more. Now that, the market of fishing lures is growing bigger and bigger, there are so many fishing lure brands out there. It can be a daunting task to choose from these fishing lure brands, even for veteran anglers.

If you are a beginner, you will probably get confused over these fishing lure brands and fishing lure types. But don’t worry, we will run through the most trustable and popular fishing lure brands. So you will have an idea to choose the right fishing lure produced by the right brand, no matter you are an avid or novice angler.

Plusinno Fishing Lure


Plusinno has entered the fishing gear market for many years. Most of its fishing products are the best sellers on Amazon and customers speak high of their quality. With the goal to make it easy for everyone to enjoy fishing, Plusinno features affordable fishing products with decent quality. The fishing lures it produced are all around $20, but they all got very nice feedback from customers that bought them.

As for fishing lures, Plusinno is well known for its fishing lures kits. If you are new to fishing that don’t know what kind of fishing lure to choose, you should try their fishing lures kit, especially the PLUSINNO 302Pcs Fishing Lures Kit which contains not only different types of fishing lures but also fishing tools used for fishing. The combos will definitely make you enjoy fishing. These fishing lures kits work for experienced anglers who are keen on trying out all kinds of fishing lures too. With the included fishing lures, anglers can explore more fun while fishing.

Bass fishing lures

Googan Baits

Googan baits is an US based company famous for its soft plastic lures. It has a variety of soft fishing lures, including bugs, craws, worms, darts, and so on. In addition to soft lures, they also produce hard lures like jigs, crankbaits, and swimbaits. They only have single lure options. If you want to try more fishing lures, you will have to buy them independently. This may cause hassle for people who love convenience. Moreover, their lures are expensive, a single lure can range from $3.5 to $7.


Rapala is the world’s largest fishing lure company in the world, also the most famous one. It features high-end fishing lures, meaning their lures are usually more expensive than most others. Rapala has many hard baits, jerkbaits, crankbaits, and swimming baits. The prices are starting at $6.49. But they do not have soft plastic lures or spinnerbaits. If you are a fan of hard baits and don’t care so much about the budget, you may want to try some of their fishing lures.


Booyah is also an US based fishing lure brand. It is well known for its spinnerbaits that work effectively for bass. They have several popular spinnerbaits. And the prices are from $2.79 to $10.29 for one single lure. The brand is kind of focusing on spinnerbaits. It also has other fishing lures, but not many to choose from. If you are a professional bass angler, the Booyah spinnerbaits will suit you very well.

13 Fishing

13 Fishing is more famous for its fishing rods and reels. But they also make fishing lures, from its website, we can see their popular ones are soft plastic fishing lures, and some hard baits like spoons and crankbaits. As for prices, they vary largely from $3.49 to 19.99, yet another fancy brand.


Kastking is a brand originated from China. It has entered the US market for many years. Although they also produce fishing lures, their fishing reels are more popular. They just have several fishing lures for sale, spinnerbaits, jigs, swimbaits, and frogs. However, each type has only one design, very limited choice for any angler.


Daiwa is a Japan based fishing product brand. It features high-end and fancy fishing rods and reels. They have built their reputation world widely. They have fishing lures for both saltwater and fresh water. Their saltwater fishing lures are big ones and costly. All the fishing lures they have are hard baits and don’t come with many different styles. There is also limited choice and price is higher.

6th Sense Fishing

6th Sense Fishing is a comprehensive fishing products brand. It has a lot of products relevant to fishing, including fishing rod, reels, lures, apparel, sunglasses, and other gear. As for fishing lures, it has plenty as well. There are hard baits, soft plastic, frogs, jigs and rigs. A lot of options provided. But people will also get confused on what to choose, because there are too many of them and each type has different styles.

Overall, there are a variety of fishing lures on the market. Each brand has its own features. So if you want to buy fishing lures, options are plenty. But if you want to get the right one, you’d better put some work in research. Here, we would like to recommend the Plusinno, it has these all-around fishing lures kits allow every angler to enjoy fishing by trying out different fishing lures at an affordable price. For beginners, these kits are ideal and convenient too, because there are other fishing tools included, fishermen don’t have to buy extra, making fishing a lot easier.