The 4 Best Fishing Pliers In 2023 For Freshwater & Saltwater

Fishing pliers have definitely made fishing easy for every angler. Although someone needs only a fishing rod, line and hook to fish, there are some essential fishing tools and equipment to add to the list for every fisherman. A lot of fishing tools have emerged on the market, since fishing became a popular outdoor sport. Fishing pliers are one of them that are widely used by anglers today.

There is a saying that goes like this, if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. So, if a fisherman wants to be good at fishing, he should have all the tools needed to make fishing easier for him. Fishing pliers are a great addition to the game. While there are multiple fishing pliers with different brand names on the market, how to choose the right one could be a tricky problem. This article will run through the 4 best fishing pliers in 2023 for both freshwater and saltwater.

fishing pliers

To look for the best fishing pliers, some features should be taken into consideration carefully.

First is the material, the material must be of high quality. If you are using it for saltwater, the pliers should be anti-corrosion. Materials like stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum are recommended for a nice pair of fishing pliers. Second is the durability which affects by the brand credibility and material. So, if you are going to get a good pair of fishing pliers, choosing the right brand is very important.

The rest features are relevant to the design, including cutters, lanyard, crimper, jaws, length, handle, and so on. After some digging online, we found that the below fishing pliers are the best money can buy in 2023 for both freshwater and saltwater.

1. Best Budget PLUSINNO 8 Inch Fishing Pliers

PLUSINNO 8 Inch Fishing Pliers come with aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy body, providing excellent durability and toughness. The jaw is coated with 420 stainless steel to give great corrosion and rust resistance for saltwater. The cutters are made with tungsten carbide for good performance and longevity.

The pliers have extended 2.7 inch serrated jaws for multiple uses, you can use them to split rings, remove fish hooks, make a tight knot; and the crimpers at the end can crimp slots and press leads.

The cutters next to the handle can cut different fishing lines, including monofilament line, braided line, and fluorocarbon line. You can not only use it to remove fish hooks while fishing, but also build a lot of fishing tools before fishing.

The pliers also have a sheath to be protective, along with a belt clip for convenient storage and access. The lanyard is attached to the pliers and the sheath to prevent the pliers from falling down.

With these all-around features, the Plusinno Fishing Pliers are the best budget fishing pliers for just $23.99. As for the brand Plusinno itself, the company has entered the US market for several years and it has received numerous positive feedbacks from customers, quality and service won’t be a problem.

plusinno fishing pliers

2. Light Weight Booms X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers

Booms X1 Fishing Pliers are also made with aluminum material. It is very light weighted, specially designed for small and medium size fish. The overall build is pretty decent. But the grip and the whole body is thinner, there is feedback saying that the pliers would slip out of hand easily, with no grip. If you need a pair of very light fishing pliers, the Booms X1 fishing pliers will fit your needs. They can cut fishing lines, remove hooks, and reach deep too. As for the price, it’s around $20 as well.

3. Comfortable Grip KastKing Cutthroat 7 inch Fishing Pliers

Kastking’s cutthroat fishing pliers are also a multi-use tool, they can do the job just as the other fishing pliers. One feature to mention is that the handle of Kastking’s cutthroat fishing pliers is rubber coated, so the grip is solid and comfortable. As for the design, the cutter of the Kastking pliers is at the side of the jaws, which is slightly different from other fishing pliers. The materials are claimed to be stainless steel and tungsten carbide. In addition, there is a tough Teflon coating to create a hard outer shell for extra protection. However, there is feedback indicating that the pliers would rust quickly. Maybe that’s because the Teflon coating does not last forever.

4. Compact ZACX Fishing Pliers

ZACX Fishing Pliers have very compact fishing tool. The handle is hollow design, so they won’t be heavy. In terms of usage, they are easy to use to cut fishing lines, and remove hooks too. The main material is aluminum as well, along with the tungsten carbide cutters. These can also be used for saltwater. The only complaint is the durability. Due to the thin body, the pliers do not have excellent longevity. But they have received a lot of positive feedback on Amazon. So they should work great under most circumstances.

The above fishing pliers are the best recommended brands on the internet. Not all of them are flawless, but they surely meet some of your needs. Generally speaking, Plusinno has the best quality. The whole build is strong, and materials are awesome for corrosion resistance. The handle design is ergonomic as well. But the prices are about the same. So, the Plusinno 8 Inch Fishing Pliers are the best fishing pliers to add to your tackle box in 2023!