How to Protect Yourself from the Sun While Fishing

Most anglers and fishermen are probably enjoying the time while fishing, but forget to get some proper protection, as fishing is a very concentrated sport. Normally it is sport of very low risk if you don’t go to dangerous spots for fishing, but there is an evitable problem, sunburn. As summer is getting closer, overheat and sunlight come along will hurt fishermen to some extents. Let’s say when are fighting a fish and the heat from the sun rays gets you so much sweat. How does it feel? It would possibly turn to a less pleasant experience. Apart from that, high levels to UV radiation will be hazardous to your health, as constant exposure to the sun rays will cause sunburn. In this blog post, we will talk about how to get sun protection while fishing.

To block sunburn and UV radiation, there are some gears you need to prepare. First of all, sun protection shirt is essential during summer, it’s not about not getting tanned, but about protecting yourself from hazardous sunburn. This kind of shirt usually comes with UV protection to block the sunburn. Moreover, they are also very light weight and cool.


Sunscreen is crucial as well. When you decide to go fishing outdoors, do remember to apply some sunscreen all over your face, arms and even legs if you are wearing short sleeves and pants. The sunscreen is a great product to protect our skin from the harm of UVB rays. If only you know hot scorching the sun is in summer, you are definitely going to use sunscreen.

What’s more important is the eye. Needless to mention that sun can hurt your eyes as well. The sun rays will sting your eyes. Except for putting on sun protection clothing, wearing a pair of sunglasses while fishing is necessary. Sunglass is designed to protect our eyes from the UV radiation, a helpful assistant to outdoor fishing.

Sun hat offers decent sun protection as well. You will feel less hot with a sun hat on while fishing. Are these all you need to get sun protection? Most of you would think so, but you probably neglect an important fact, your hands. When you are going fishing for all day long, your hands will have to hold the reel for quite a long time, while the heat of the sun causes so much sweat which makes it inconvenient for you to hold your reel firmly and get your catch. That’s when a pair of fishing gloves comes in handy.

Plusinno fishing gloves

Take the Plusinno fishing gloves for example, it comes with UV 50+ protection, perfectly protects your hands from sunburn. The gloves are made with stretchy, lightweight, breathable quick drying poly-spandex fabric. You won’t feel comfortable wearing them. With these gloves on, you can have better grip no matter on the reel or the fish. You might be worried that it will feel clumsy and less convenient with gloves on. But that is totally out of the question, since the Plusinno fishing gloves are fingerless design. You can still use your fingers.

Plusinno now is offering these gloves at $18.99 only with a variety of color options. If you are looking for such a pair of gloves, Plusinno gloves will suit you just fine, comfortable and decent protection.