Fishing Rods: What You Need To Know In 2022

To fishermen, fishing is not only a sport, but also a way of living. To live the most of this way, you must be enjoying the sport itself very much. And to enjoy fishing, you should get yourself a fishing rod to get started. The fist class for every fisherman is how to choose a fishing rod.

Fishing rod is one of the most gears in the fishing sport. Without fishing rod, you can’t even fish. Knowing the types of fishing rods, including their features and usages, can greatly help to choose the right fishing rod that meet your needs.

What is a fishing rod?

The simplest definition of a fishing rod is that it is a long, flexible rod that used by fishermen to catch fish. It is usually paired with a fishing reel, fishing line, fishing hooks and baits to fish. The reel is usually attached to the handle of the fishing rod. And the baits are hooked on the hooks connected to the rod and the reel with a fishing line. As for the length, it can vary from 0.5 inch to 20 feet.

Fishing rod

Fishing rods can be made with a variety of different materials. In the old times, people used fishing rods made from bamboo, ash wood and hickory wood. That was when people caught fish for food. Nowadays, fishing is more like a hobby or sport. And fishing lovers today can choose fishing rods made from different materials, usually fiberglass, carbon fiber and composites. Anglers love fishing today, as a creative and competitive sport. We can see fishing tournaments on going everywhere during fishing seasons.

Types of fishing rods

Fishing rods come in a wide range of sizes, lengths, and configurations, depending on the sizes of the fish and water situations they are used for. Considering the fish size, normally there are small fish, medium sized fish and big fish. As for water situations, they are usually divided into fresh water and salt water.

In addition to that, there are also fishing rods designed for different specific types of fishing. If you are new to fishing, you will get confused by the different fishing rods on the market. Knowing what you are looking for and what these fishing rods are designed for is very important to choose the right fishing rod. 

In terms of classifications, there are 7 common seen fishing rods on the market, spinning rods, casting rods, fly fishing rods, surf casting rods, boat rods, trolling rods and ice fishing rods. These fishing rods are specifically designed for certain types of fishing. 

Spinning rods are always light weight and easy to use, ideal for most fishing scenarios. They are perfect for fishing beginners who just get started with this sport. Casting rods are heavier and known for longer casting distance and greater accuracy. They are perfect for experienced anglers who are good at manipulating the rod and reel. Fly fishing rods are very lightweight, but they are especially designed for fly fishing. Ice fishing rods are only intend for ice fishing during winter, these rods are like spinning rods, only that they are usually shorter, normally 2 or 3 feet long. And the rest 3 types of fishing rods are all for sea fishing or ocean fishing. They are much longer and heavier for those big fish.

How to choose the best fishing rod for you

Before choosing yourself a fishing rod, it is recommended to decide where you want to go fishing and what you’ll fish with. If you want to go to some fresh waters for fishing, you can choose among those mentioned above. The second point is the bait of the lure you decide to use. Usually, light rods are for light baits, and heavy rods are for heavy baits. If you intend to go sea fishing, the answer to what to choose is quite obvious. The point is to know the features of the rods on the market, and your own needs and preference.

fishing tip

Tips for casting and reeling in your catch

The techniques of casting and reeling in are pretty much decided by the type of fishing rods used. But there are some basic techniques worth keeping in mind. Holding the rod at your waist level, and make sure you fingers can manipulate the reel naturally. And then, you are ready to take your cast. Casting the lure to your target fish and let the lure sink to the desired depth where fish like to habitat. By reeling in, you can retrieve the lure, you may pull the line to mimic the bait fish so that the target fish will bite.

When you get a bite, pull the line and keep a firm tension on the line to make it tight. Set the drag to let the fish wear itself down, do not try to keep the fish in the place, as it may break the rod. At last, drop the rod tip down, reel it in and pull it closer to you.

How to tell if you have an authentic fishing rod

To tell if your fishing rod is an authentic one or fits the standards of modern fishing rods, you will have to inspect the weight, sensitivity, and material of it. A quality fishing rod should be lightweight, sensitive and made from high-end quality, usually fiberglass, graphite, and composites. If your fishing rod is something like that, what you have can be regarded as an authentic and decent fishing rod. To avoid getting a cheap one, you should also choose the rod from a trustworthy brand that has a good reputation and positive feedbacks.