Best Fly Fishing Gear for Beginner Anglers

Fly fishing is one of the most adventurous and popular fishing types around the world. As its name implies, fish are caught by using lightweight lures, usually called artificial flies. Fly fishing is high demanding on casting techniques because of the light weight. Unlike other fishing methods, fly fishing requires a specialized fly rod, reel, and weighted line. Many fly anglers usually target trout, but catching some other species like grayling, salmon, redfish, and so on are also very popular options among anglers.

Understanding that fly fishing is more challenging than any other type of fishing when you first learn how to fish. The techniques it uses are more difficult because the lures are very light. Mountain streams are considered the most ideal spots for fly fishing.

Plusinno Fly Fishing Rod

Before getting started, you will need to get prepared with a fly rod, fly reel, and fly lures. These are the basic types of equipment for fly fishing.

Fly rod. Using the right fly rod can amaze your fishing trip. Fly rods can come in various sizes, but the most common size for fly rods is 8 feet. We also recommend that beginner fly anglers choose the 8 feet fly rod, easier to control and cast.

Plusinno Fly Fishing Rod

Fly reel. Unlike any other fishing reels that can go with different fishing rods, a fly reel is specially designed to pair with a fly rod. The reel is very important since it helps to balance a rod and also helps you to catch a fish.

Fly lures. Artificial flies are very crucial for a successful catch. If the lures don’t resemble the real flies, the fish would not eat or chase, thus you will have a hard time fishing. Flies also come in a variety of types. You will have to choose the right one that fits your fly rod, according to its weight.

A very important accessory involved in fly fishing is fly leader, which is a kind of material that connects your fly line to your fly. As for beginner fly anglers, we recommend the Plusinno fly fishing rod and reel combo, it contains all the equipment you need to fly fish. You don’t have to waste time choosing the right fishing gear.

Plusinno Fly Fishing Rod

The Plusinno 4 Piece Lightweight Ultra-Portable Graphite Fly Fishing Rod is made for beginner fly anglers. This fly rod kit contains a 4 piece fly rod, a large arbor reel, preinstalled line, a fly box, flies, and a lightweight rod case. The graphite fly rod comes with stainless steel striper guide that can reduce friction and heat. It is also made of an adjustable CNC aluminum reel, very durable and easy for casting. Its fly reel has a 1:1 gear ratio and comes with a one-way roller bearing system. What’s more, its weight is just 5.2 oz. Apart from that, there is also a flies box coming included in the kit, which contains 20 flies.

This beginner fly rod and reel combo kit include pretty much all a fly angler needs to fish. What’s more important, it is much more affordable than the majority on the market. The Plusinno 4 Piece Lightweight Ultra-Portable Graphite Fly Fishing Rod is now on sale, you can buy it from Plusinno for $92.99 only. If you are a beginner fly angler who’s just been introduced to fly fishing, this combo is perfect for you. It is budget enough and contains everything you need for a fly fishing trip.