What Is the Difference between Fishing Lures and Baits?

Fishing lures and baits are essential tools for every fisherman. You can’t catch any fish without a lure or bait no matter how excellent fishing skills you’ve got. Over years, people have been arguing over this topic about which one is better between fishing lure and bait. They both do the drill, the only fact is that they work differently on different species and under different conditions.

There is the best scenario to use fishing lures and baits. Sometimes a fishing lure works perfectly, while the bait is the only thing that works at other times. In this article, we will run through the difference between fishing lures and baits, when to use them, and where to get them.

Fishing lures

What is a Fishing Lure?

A fishing lure is an artificial object often with a shape like the fish’s prey. The fishing lure is often attached to the hook which is tied at the end of a fishing line to entice the target fish. A fishing lure is an alternative to the bait. It is used to mimic prey creatures to attract predator fish.

A fishing lure is an alternative to fishing bait. There are a lot of different types of fishing lures, jigs, spinners, plugs, flies, and crankbaits. The lures are made out of different materials, some are made of soft plastic, some are of rubber, and some are of metal. These lures all have different uses and are good at attracting fish with their own features. The benefits of fishing lures are that they are not messy or dirty, and can be used repeatedly. You can always keep them in your tackle box, there will be many options when fishing.

fishing baits

What is a Fishing Bait?

A fishing bait is usually a living creature that fishermen use on the hook to catch fish. The most common seen types of baits are earthworms, worms, minnows, shrimps, insects, leeches, and some small fish of course. These are also used to intimate the motion of a fish’s prey.

Fishing baits can appeal to a wide range of species, and they are very effective in catching fish and user-friendly for beginners who just learn to fish. The biggest benefit of fishing baits is that they are cheap, or can be directly obtained from nature.

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When do you use Fishing Lures and Baits?

The biggest difference between fishing lures and baits is that fishing lures are artificial ones, and fishing baits are living creatures. Fishing baits can be smelly, dirty, and difficult to store. But sometimes, it’s the smelly odor that attracts fish, especially on cold winter days. The effectiveness of lures and baits are depended on the right conditions. So when do we use fishing lures and baits? Please keep on reading.

Fishing lures can be used in most catch-and-release species. They will work great when the water is clear, brighter, and warmer. Fast fishing lures work best when the water is quite bright, clear, and warm, and the fish is very active and aggressive. Fast lures like jigs, plugs, and metal lures are best used on hot summer days. Slow lures like soft plastics and bucktail jigs are the most effective when the water is slightly cooler, less bright and the fish is less active. This is reasonable. When the days are hot, fish is very aggressive and they tend to attack any prey that moves fast. Fishing lures can perfectly mimic the motion of prey creatures.

In terms of when to use fishing baits, the conditions are just the opposite. Fishing baits work effectively when the water is muddy, cold, and dark. In a word, if you are out fishing on a cold windy winter day, fishing baits would be your best partner. And if you are going to keep the catch, fishing baits are best used too. Other than that, beginners are also recommended to use fishing baits if they always want to catch something. Dead fishing baits with strong odors work best if the water is extremely cold and dark.

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Where to Buy Fishing Lures and Baits?

Fishing lures can be bought everywhere. You can always get them from your local fishing tackle shop or buy them from some online stores. The prices of fishing lures vary largely from brand to brand. You can get a lot of fishing lures at a decent price or just a single lure for several bucks. You always have many options when it comes to fishing lures. But if you decide to try different types of fishing lures, we suggest you get those fishing lure kits that include a variety of fishing lures, like the Plusinno Fishing Lures Kits, for just less than $30.

Some fishing baits can be acquired from nature, such as earthworms, you can dig them from the earth in your backyard or the woods. You can also get them from a local shop where they sell living bait. Online shopping is also one of the ways to buy fishing bait. But when you buy them online, do remember to check how they maintain the baits to keep them fresh. One tricky problem with using fishing baits is how to store them properly and make them stay fresh.

Now you know the difference between fishing lures and baits, their features of them, and the best conditions to use them. It is your decision. If you want to do some online shopping for fishing lures, don’t forget to check the brand Plusinno, which is featuring low-budget fishing lures with nice quality.