Tips for Bank Fishing in Spring

Spring is one of the best seasons to fish from the bank or shore. It is a comfortable season when weather is excellent and temperatures are more bearable to stay outdoors, also the most popular season to catch bass. Bank fishing makes it easier for anglers who loves to fish but don’t have a boat. Moreover, bank fishing allows you access to some areas that boats couldn’t reach. For example, shallow areas that near the shoreline where fish like to feed or spawn.

Bank fishing allows you to sight-cast directly at your target. To fully enjoy bank fishing, there are some tips to make your fishing trip smooth. In this article, we will walk you through the guiding tips for bank fishing in the spring time.

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Best Bank Fishing Spots

Finding the best spots for bank fishing is the first step to a pleasant fishing trip. There are a plenty of spots to fish in the spring time, while some top spots will offer you more time catching fish and less time casting. Places like small ponds, canals, and lakes are good places to fish from bank.

If you like to fish for bass, places with brush piles are where the best places that hold active fish, no matter it is shallow water or deep water. Because both the prey creatures and the fish love to build their homes in places like these. It’s easier to start with shallow water, there are chances you may catch good fish there. These brush piles are best hideouts for fish, especially bass, throughout the year.

These spots are also productive for bank fishing. Find the deep holes of rapids, some fish like to hide in deeper, darker places. Slow waters with ripple lines on the surface are where fish like to stay to preserve energy. Pools with deep water can allow you to try different lures. River bends where water slows will also have deep holes, great to make hideouts for fish. Dams, ditches, grassy shorelines, drop offs, and other water scenarios with lumber or wood are great places for baitfish and the predator fish. The principle is to find the places the prey fish will hide, that’s where the fish will follow, they feed on these creatures after all.

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Top 3 Lures of bank fishing

It is the best resolution to try a variety of fishing lures to catch fish when bank fishing. More options mean more possibilities of catching fish. But there are a few fishing lures that proven to be productive and effective for bank fishing. We would love to give them a little demonstration here. Pack these lures with you when bank fishing will help you catch more fish.

Soft Plastic Lures

Soft plastic lures are good at imitating wounded creature for their soft body that can twist and wobble freely. These excellent fishing lures are likely to catch fish in any water systems. Wacky rigs work effectively for bottom feeders. And there are more styles of soft plastics, like lobsters, and other creatures. These are really good at mimicking live prey and perfect for catching fish. In addition to wacky worms, jigs are effective as well. Smaller jigs are recommended if you fish creeks, ditches, and dams. They are light enough to sit on the mud of the bottom to attract fish, while large ones will get covered by the mud because of the weight.


All hard lures have the best sound and vibration. The noise crankbaits make when retrieving can attract the fish’s attention and get possible strike. These lures also have very excellent swimming motion to intimate bait fish. But if you want to go deeper, try lipless crankbaits. Generic crankbaits works best for under surface and mid-depths, they will get tangled if go deeper. Mid-range crankbaits are good to go.

Topwater Lures

Topwater lures like ploppers are perfect for lake or pond fishing. The ploppers have different colors to attract the predator fish. Moreover, they are the aggressive type of lure that will generate massive surface action, increasing the curiosity of the fish and leading to intense strike. In addition to the ploppers, topwater frogs are great for bank fishing too. Frogs usually habitat in small ponds, especially those with grass and lily pads in them. Fish will gather near the bank to wait for frogs to jump into the ponds. When you use the topwater frogs, adjust you angles to generate the perfect action to attract the fish.

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Best travel rod for bank fishing

If you decide to go bank fishing, which means you are a mobile angler who will have to walk most of the time. So, travel light is one of the most important ground rules. With that being said, all the gear you packed should be convenient for storage, as compact as possible. This is when a telescopic fishing rod comes in handy, like the Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod. These telescopic fishing rods are the most popular travel rods these days. They are usually light weight, collapsible and easy to use. More importantly, they can easily fit in your backpack. With just a fishing backpack and you are ready to make you cast.

Many anglers love to fish from bank, it’s a good way for beginners to start fishing. Bank fishing can be so much fun, it allows you to explore many places that boat or kayak can reach, but only you can. Just grab and pack all your gear and you are ready for on the go.