Fly Fishing: Rambling About Fly Fishing and The Seven Popular Misconceptions

Fly fishing is widely popular in Europe and the United States as a method of stream fishing for fierce predatory fish. The equipment and techniques of fly fishing are still very different from our usual fishing methods. It is also more complicated to cast into the door than other fishing methods. I have been involved in fly fishing for some time and gradually got hooked on this fishing method. I would like to briefly introduce this fishing method, including an overview, equipment introduction, fly casting technology introduction, and Fly lure production in four parts.

Fly fishing is a fishing method that uses a unique fly line, a fly rod and an artificial lure (fly) to strike the line and lure out using a unique waving technique and the weight of the rod itself.

The following are some explanations of some common understandings of fly fishing, especially to clarify some common misconceptions, which can give you a preliminary understanding of fly fishing.

Fly fishing

Fly fishing methods are only suitable for fishing in streams


Fly fishing is suitable for most fishing situations, such as fishing in the sea, still water lakes, swamp ponds and so on, covering almost all occasions. The only factor is that the casting distance of fly fishing should be within 30 meters. Therefore, fly fishing may not be suitable in some of the situations with the giant sea rod far casting.

Fly fishing must be standing in the water fishing

Not necessarily.

We can either do fly fishing from the shore or on a boat, a dock, or even a reef.

Fly fishing method is only for the upper layer of fish


Fly fishing method can be used for all kinds of pelagic fish. Different types of fly fishing lines and lures are used for other species and habits, such as complete floating lines, semi-floating lines, sinking lines, etc. There are also different wet and dry lures and weights, with some floating on the surface and some sinking on the bottom. The lure can be made with various consequences of eye type pendants (Bead chain and Lead Eye), which can be used in different water layers, so it can catch any fish in any water layer.

fly fishing

Fly fishing is only effective for aggressive predatory fish

Not exactly. Fly fishing is more effective against aggressive predatory fish because only dummy lures are used and made to move. But fish are all the same to attack moving lures, so all kinds of fish will shoot as long as the dummy lure is chosen and the drag behaves right.

It is not allowed for fly fishing to use lead and floating

This is true in most cases, but there are exceptions. In certain cases, one or two small bites are added to the Leader to make it sink faster, but at the same time it requires more casting skills. Some people use a float called "Strike indicator", but the float for fly fishing is special, usually a very small rugby ball-shaped float (the size of a bean, very light, fixed at the back end of the Leader), or a handful of brightly colored hairs tied to the back end of the Leader. Our ordinary floats are not suitable for fly fishing casting.

Fly fishing is a very difficult to master

It's true that fly fishing is difficult to get started. Fly fishing is probably the most technical of all fishing methods. Fly fishing is all about strict rhythm, correct stance and force, relaxation, and a variety of counterbait presentation techniques. Before go fly fishing for the first time, beginners need to practice for a while in waterless and hookless conditions (on grass, etc.) until master most of basic skills. It will take a lot of time to get used to the effects of terrain, space, wind, etc. when you start fish. Once the integration is complete, one can master lifting the weight and change at will and fly fishing will no longer be difficult.

Fly fishing, the most beautiful fishing technique and movement in the world

Absolutely right! it once you enter the world of fly fishing! As your skills improve, you will enter a whole new realm: fly fishing is like dancing freely with blue sky and snowy mountains as the background, green trees and blue water as the stage. You will gradually focus on the sport itselfinstead of fish. You will definitely enjoy the status that you’re your body and soul slowly melted with nature.