PLUSINNO Eagle Hunting Ⅸ 伸縮釣り竿
PLUSINNO Eagle Hunting Ⅸ 伸縮釣り竿
PLUSINNO Eagle Hunting Ⅸ 伸縮釣り竿
PLUSINNO Eagle Hunting Ⅸ 伸縮釣り竿
PLUSINNO Eagle Hunting Ⅸ 伸縮釣り竿
PLUSINNO Eagle Hunting Ⅸ 伸縮釣り竿
PLUSINNO Eagle Hunting Ⅸ 伸縮釣り竿

PLUSINNO Eagle Hunting Ⅸ 伸縮釣り竿

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すべてのゴールド ハンター セレクト フィッシング ロッドは、IM6 カーボン マトリックス テクノロジー ブランクで構成されており、各キャスティング ロッドとスピニング ロッドに驚異的なパフォーマンス、感度、パワーを提供します。 ノンスリップEVA&グリップを使用したカーボンスプリットグリップとフルグリップ。コルクハンドルは、競合他社よりも価値のあるプレミアムロッドを提供するために作られています。



8+1 MaxiDur シールド ステンレス鋼ボール ベアリング

8+1 耐腐食性スムーズ ボール ベアリング、ライン容量: mm/M 0.20/240 0.25/200 0.30/140、ギア比: 5.2:1。


車のトランク、ボート、バックパックに簡単に収まります。 釣り竿とリールの組み合わせにより、お気に入りの釣り場に移動して、いつでもどこでも釣りを楽しむことができます。




釣り方  紡績
サイズ:   1.8M/1.98M/2.1M/
材料: ファイバーグラス、アルミニウム、カーボンファイバー、エチレンビニルアセテート
色:   黒

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great rod

Works great and is strong

David Red
Super compact and lightweight

Super compact and lightweight. Perfect for backpacking when you don’t have to lug around a 2 piece pole. Expands to around 7 feet long. Can’t wait to test it out on my next fishing trip this weekend!

Doug R.
Great strength

I really like this 7’ MH rod. Great strength without loosing the sensitive feel of a lighter rod.

Steven Johnson
Rod is nice, compact and convenient. Get it!

I purchased just the rod as I have several reels already. This thing is super compact, perfect for keeping in the car/truck when the need to fish strikes

It's super official!

This is now my go to travel rod. I was always looking for something I could travel with and catch decent fish. Before my go to travel/car rod was the Zebco Dock Demon, because it was small and durable. I hated trying to cast with it though and it didn't give much leverage but it was small. I could leave it in my car or take on quick trips. This new rod by Plusinno however is far superior. For a few bucks more, not only do you have a rod that is half the size of the zebco when put up, but it extends to 4 times the size when you are ready to fish! That is amazing. This can even fit in a bag! Right now it is my go to trunk rod. Sometimes I go out of town to visit family and forget to take a fishing pole just in case. Now I will never forget. I like to keep a rod and small tackle kit in the trunk. This rod, the tackle box, pliers and all fit in a small backpack in the trunk. Now I will never forget and can fish no matter where I go! It is durable and oh, did I say, it callaspses down super small! If you are looking for portable, well you definitely found it. Buy buy buy lol. But seriously, this rod is a joy to have.