PLUSINNO Eagle HuntingⅠ伸縮釣竿
PLUSINNO Eagle HuntingⅠ伸縮釣竿
PLUSINNO Eagle HuntingⅠ伸縮釣竿
PLUSINNO Eagle HuntingⅠ伸縮釣竿

PLUSINNO Eagle HuntingⅠ伸縮釣竿

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4. 伸縮式釣り竿ポールは敏感なグラファイトブランク構造です。
6. ステンレス製のフード付きリール シートにより、釣り竿は常に明るくなり、海水による腐食を防ぎます。快適なEVAフォアグリップ


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Greg Mitchell
Waiting for the surf.

Have not yet had a chance to fish with this rod. However, this is my second Plusinno and my first was very good. Fished with it for over two yrs. on Marco Island and had no problems. Was clumsy and broke it. Looking forward for some more fun using this rod.

In my luggage it goes!!!

Great product! I’m excited to get to the beach and give it a go. Rod is very sturdy and expands and collapses without any issue. The reel is smooth, with some good “travel” features. I bought the 8’+ rod for the surf please with the action when extended.

High quality, perfect for canoeing

I've used this rod two years in a row in the Boundary Waters and several times in between when I want to jump in a kayak. It outperforms any other telescoping rod I've used and several of my two-piece rods. The reel comes with kind of poor line, but that's a cheap fix. The kit of lures includes a lipless crank that I've had some success with and jigheads that I've caught a fair amount of walleye on. On my most recent trip, I put my other rods away after the first two days and only took this rod in the canoe. I'm going to buy two more for myself and one for each of my buddies (we're all tired of breaking rods on portages in our backcountry paddle trips). A summer ago, I bought one for my fiancee's dad and he loves it. I couldn't be happier with the quality and longevity of this product.