PLUSINNO FN8 Fish Landing Net with Fixed Pole
PLUSINNO FN8 Fish Landing Net avec Perche Fixe
PLUSINNO FN8 Fish Landing Net avec Perche Fixe
PLUSINNO FN8 Fish Landing Net avec Perche Fixe
PLUSINNO FN8 Fish Landing Net avec Perche Fixe
PLUSINNO FN8 Fish Landing Net avec Perche Fixe
PLUSINNO FN8 Fish Landing Net avec Perche Fixe

PLUSINNO FN8 Fish Landing Net avec Perche Fixe

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Description :

Le filet est parfaitement adapté aux poissons, ce qui ne nuira pas aux écailles de poisson, convient à la pêche en mer, en rivière, en lac, en bateau, etc.

Matériel de qualité supérieure

La fibre de carbone haute densité mélangée à un poteau en fibre de verre, un nylon durable et une maille à structure hexagonale solide, une poignée en EVA antidérapante rendent le filet de pêche solide et durable.

Maillage en nylon imperméable

Le revêtement non absorbant empêche le filet de s'engorger ou d'absorber les odeurs.

Filets de pêche pliables et poids ultraléger

Facile à transporter et à ranger. Le clip de ceinture spécialement conçu présente l'avantage d'être pratique pour le transport et le transport.

Meilleur cadeau pour les amateurs de pêche

 C'est le meilleur cadeau à envoyer à un père, un fils, un mari, un fiancé ou un petit ami pour le prochain Noël. Configuration idéale pour attraper et relâcher le poisson : la maille en nylon sans nœud empêche les hameçons de s'emmêler.


Taille : 12"31
Longueur : 27"
Taille du cercle : 12"
Profondeur nette : 7,5"
Poids : 11 onces

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David Dickenson
I love it

I really think this a spectacular fishing net. The netting is nice and tough so it's not going to break easily and it conveniently folds up and has a belt hook to strap it on for easy carry. This is going to be perfect to take out with me in my hiking/fishing trips since it's a great size and very convenient to carry around. I have to say I'm extremely pleased with this net!

Great high-capacity folding, telescopic landing net

I had already been using one of Plusinno's other foldable landing nets from my kayak, and it's worked very well for me. I found, though, that I also could use one when fishing from piers and other elevated positions where the elevation not only risks losing the fish, but more importantly puts undue stress on larger fish due to their weight pulling against the hook while being lifted.

I purchased this net to help with that situation and put it to good use today. My son and I met a friend at a local catch-and-release pond and, between the three of us, we were able to land about 20 fish of various species...large mouth bass, blue cats, perch, and crappie. Some of the bass and all of the cats were large enough that the net proved extremely useful, especially since the blue cats have spines in their dorsal and pectoral fins.

This net is a nice piece of engineering. It has a very compact footprint when folded but expands to a very high volume when unfolded. It's also pleasantly stable and rigid unlike some other nets which feel like they're ready to fold again. The telescopic handle is great for when you're several feet above or otherwise away from the water. The coarse-grained mesh is made out of thick, sturdy plastic such that it doesn't get tangled in the line or the fish too badly. I've used more fine-grained nets that sometimes have to be cut to extract a fish safely.

I strongly recommend this net to anyone looking for a way to land their fish in a manner that's better for both the fisher and the fish.

Scott Wells
Great for Sand Crabs

Great for catching sandcrabs on the beach. It will filter through medium size rocks, shells, smaller crabs.

Packable and safe for fish

Expands and collapses which is great for when I want to pack light on a fishing trip. The net is made out of very soft (maybe silicone) material which will not hurt the fish.

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