What are Fishing Pliers and Why Do I Need Them?

The fishing pliers are an essential tool for anyone who loves to fish, or enjoys the outdoors, and they make it a lot easier to work with smaller fish as they can be used to easily remove hooks. They are also useful for other outdoor adventures like hiking and camping.

Fishing Pliers

Fishing Pliers

Fishing pliers are one of those must-have tools that every angler should keep in their tackle box. They come in handy for all sorts of tasks, from removing hooks to cutting lines. But what exactly are they, and why do you need them?

Fishing pliers are a type of tool that is specifically designed for use while fishing. They typically have long, narrow jaws that can reach into tight spaces, and serrated teeth that grip onto fish hooks. Many also have a cutter built into the jaws, which can be used to snip through fishing lines.

So why do you need a pair of fishing pliers? Well, they can make your life a whole lot easier when you're out on the water. Need to remove a hook that's buried deep in a fish's mouth? Fishing pliers will help you get it out without losing the fish (or getting pricked by the hook yourself). Cutting through a tangled fishing line? Again, fishing pliers will save you time and frustration.

In short, if you like to fish, investing in a good pair of fishing pliers is a wise idea. Trust us - they'll come in handy more than you ever thought possible!

Fishing Pliers

Why They are Important

Fishing pliers are an important tool for anglers because they provide a way to safely remove hooks from fish. They can also be used to cut lines, tie knots, and perform other tasks. Anglers should always have a pair of fishing pliers in their tackle box.

What They Do

Fishing pliers are versatile tools that can be used for a variety of tasks, from removing hooks to cutting line. They are an essential piece of tackle for any angler, and can make the difference between a successful fishing trip and a frustrating one.

Most fishing pliers are made from stainless steel or aluminum, and have a variety of features that can be useful when fishing. Some models have jaws that can grip and remove hooks, while others have cutting blades that can be used to trim line. Some models even come with a built-in line cutter, making them even more versatile.

No matter what kind of fishing you do, having a good pair of fishing pliers in your tackle box is a must. They can make all the difference when it comes to dealing with pesky hooks and stubborn lines.

fishing pliers

How to Pick Them Out

There are a few things you should look for when picking out fishing pliers. First, consider the size of the handle. You want something that will fit comfortably in your hand, but won’t be too bulky to carry around. Second, think about the material the handle is made from. Some materials will provide a better grip than others, which can be helpful when you’re dealing with slippery fish. Finally, look at the jaws of the pliers. Make sure they’re strong enough to handle whatever type of fish you plan on catching.

Types of Fishing Pliers

There are many different types of fishing pliers available on the market, and it can be confusing trying to figure out which ones you need. Here is a breakdown of the most common types of fishing pliers:

  1. Needle nose pliers: These pliers have long, thin jaws that are great for reaching into tight spaces and for delicate work.
  1. Linesman pliers: These pliers have wide, flat jaws that are ideal for cutting fishing line and for general purpose.
  1. Wire cutters: As the name implies, these pliers are designed for cutting wire. They can also be used for cutting fishing line in a pinch.
  1. Hook removers: These pliers have a hook-shaped jaw that is perfect for removing hooks from fish or lures.
  1. Bait managers: These pliers have a blunt end that is perfect for managing bait while you are fishing.

Where to Get Them

There are a few different places where you can purchase fishing pliers. You can find them online, at a sporting goods store, or even at a tackle shop. Each option has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to choose the right one for you.


The main pro of buying fishing pliers online is that you have a much wider selection to choose from. You can also often find better deals than in-store. PLUSINNO is an online shop selling fishing equipment, where you can buy not only fishing pliers but also all kinds of other fishing equipment.

Sporting Goods Store:

One advantage of buying fishing pliers at a sporting goods store is that you can physically touch and hold the product before making your decision. This way, you can get a feel for how they’ll work in your hands. The downside of this option is that there is usually a limited selection to choose from.

Tackle Shop:

If you’re serious about fishing, then purchasing your fishing pliers from a tackle shop is probably your best bet. The staff at these types of stores are typically very knowledgeable about the products they sell, so they can help you find the perfect pair for your needs. However, tackle shops can be expensive, so be prepared to spend more money here than you would elsewhere.