How To Plan A Kayak Fishing Trip

In the old times, people catch fish for food. As of today, fishing has become an interesting sport to most fishing lovers. After a long time’s development, there are many kinds of fishing. Kayak fishing has been very popular for quite some time. Unlike bank fishing which is to catch fish from the river bank, kayak fishing is to catch fish from a kayak. Kayak allows anglers to fish on the remote water and get closer to the fish. But with limited room on a kayak, some certain skills and fishing tackles are required. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to get prepared for a kayak fishing trip.

Kayak fishing

1. Always check the weather and find the right spot

This is the very first step before going kayak fishing. Use weather apps to check the weather and find the right water. Although you are catching fish from a kayak, somewhere with rapid and very deep water is obviously not ok, because safety always comes first. Going kayak fish on a sunny day on perfect water is the half success of this fishing trip.

2. Special skills are required

When go kayak fishing, you should know how to paddle too keep the kayak going smoothly and stably. More than that, your casting skill also needs to be improved to catch fish. You will have to learn to cast with one hand only.

3. Essential fishing gears to prepare

All-day comfort kayak seat

When going kayak fishing, you’ll spend a lot of time sitting on the kayak seat with very limited space. A comfortable seat would contribute a lot to a delightful fishing trip.

Multiple rod holders

Unlike bank fishing, you can just toss all your fishing tackles on the ground. While on kayak fishing, you will have all the fishing gears needed on the kayak, so everything needs to be sorted out and tidy since there is very limited space on the kayak. Rod holder is a must have to keep your fishing rods tidy and neat, because you may need different types of rods.

Kayak fishing

Fishing tackles storage

Apart from the essential rods, you will also need other fishing tackles including fishing lures and baits, jigs and much more. That’s when a multi-function fishing backpack comes in handy. It comes with multiple pockets that keep your tackles in the right place and won’t take much space.

Floating landing net

Landing net is another must have while go fishing, it is more important for kayak fishing, since you have to sit in the kayak all the time and the net will help to land the fish successfully. Other landing net would sink into the water if drop it carelessly. While this Plusinno floatable landing net is right now one of the most convenient landing nets on the market. It can float on the water, so whenever you throw it into the water on purpose or carelessly. It just keeps floating on the water and you can get it back any time. It is also foldable design, very easy to use and store.

Plusinno Landing net

Besides the gears we mentioned above, some accessories and tools are necessary as well. For instance, a lifejacket is essential, some safety gears like sunscreen, food, water and first aid kit. In one word, there is much preparing work to put in to get prepared for a kayak fishing trip. If you are looking for those fishing tackles, PLUSINNO is offering them at very affordable prices; moreover, you can head over to Wethrift to get coupon code to save more!