Dreamy Pink Fishing Pole: A Must-Have for Anglers

For a long time, fishing has always been a man dominated sport. Nowadays, female anglers are growing rapidly. Girls of all ages are also attracted to fishing and enjoying themselves very much while fishing. Speaking of the fishing pole for girls, color has always been an important symbolization. On the market today, pink fishing pole has become the most popular color for girls.

Pink fishing pole is the dream for every lady angler, especially little girls. In this article, we’ll talk about why pink fishing pole is so popular among girls, what features make a fishing pole cute, and where to buy a cute pink fishing pole.

Pink fishing pole

Why pink?

Of all the colors, why does it have to be pink? Gender stereotypes may point out that girls like pink and boys like blue. No matter how much people wanted to break the stereotypes long time ago. Study has showed that women biologically tend to like pink, it’s encoded in their genes; and it was like this since ancient times when women were responsible of collecting fruits, so they had to spot the reddish ripe fruits from green undercover. Spontaneously, women are more attracted to the color pink. So, pink fishing pole, undoubtedly, is girls’ favorite color of all colored fishing poles.

Put aside the theory and study, as a color itself, pink always matches girls’ characters, styles, and even clothes; more than any other colors. Pink fishing pole can make people think of innocence, passion, love, romance, and other beautiful things. It is more appropriate for girls than any other colors. Pink literally has been every girl’s dream since they were little, always wanted everything in pink. In that way, if you want to get a girl the right fishing pole, pink is the best option.

Ladies fishing combo

What makes a fishing pole cute?

Cute fishing poles are undeniably more attracted to girls. But what makes a fishing pole cute, is just the color enough? Of course, being a cute fishing pole is far more than that. Let’s take a look at the features of the cute fishing poles.

Color, of course, plays an important role on making a fishing pole cute. Apart from the color, the design of a fishing pole is crucial as well. For starters, girls have smaller hands than boys. The build of a cute fishing pole should always be compact and lightweight, so girls can hold it firm without any pressure. It’ll be perfect if they can carry the fishing pole anywhere in a backpack, even cuter. In addition to the size and weight, the whole appearance of the fishing pole needs to be stylish. For examples, some patterns on the pole can be attracted to girls. When the appearance and design are cute, the functionality and performance should be excellent as well. These are the factors and features that make a fishing pole cute.

Kids pink fishing pole

Where can I buy one?

Do you want to get a cute pink fishing pole? There are a lot of pink fishing poles on the market, except for the color, you should always be picking on the quality and cost-effectiveness. The pink fishing poles below are what we recommend if you are looking for one.

  • PLUSINNO Ladies Telescopic Pink Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

The PLUSINNO Ladies Telescopic Pink Fishing Rod and Reel Combos is designed for fishing beginners, but can be used by fishing girls at all levels. The fishing rod comes in pink color, featuring non-slip grip to offer comfort using experience. The telescopic design makes it convenient for girls to take it anywhere, easy storage and transportation.

This combo does not only include a fishing pole, there are also a fishing reel and some necessary accessories like line, hooks, and lures; enough for you to get started. This combo is starting at just $35.99, perfect for girls who just learn to fish, an affordable option.

  • PLUSINNO KFR1 Kids Fishing Rod Combo Full Kits with Bag

If you have a little girl, the PLUSINNO KFR1 Kids Fishing Rod Combo Full Kits with Bag is an ideal gift. This one is especially designed for little girls. The fishing pole is in pink and so is the carry case. As Christmas is getting close, this pink fishing rod combo can definitely make a great gift.

The fishing rod it has is made out of EVA and carbon fiber, sturdy and durable, still offers comfortable grip at the same time. There are 2 size options, 3.9ft and 4.9ft, perfect for children at different ages. Apart from the fishing pole, there are a spincast reel stringed with fishing line and a selection of lures, almost includes everything you’ll need to be out on the water.

  • Zebco 202 Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo

The Zebco Spincast Reel and Fishing Rod Combo is another pink option for girls. The rod it comes with has a black handle plus a pink body. The combo features a fiberglass rod, spincast reel and a 27-piece tackle pack.

The overall feature of the Zebco 202 is ready to go as well. With a metal rod, pre-spooled reel, and other tackles, you can get ready for your fishing adventure any time. The rod is 5 foot and 6 inches long, ideal length for female anglers.

  • DaddyGoFish Kids Fishing Pole – Telescopic Rod & Reel Combo

Another great fishing pole for little girls is the DaddyGoFish Kids Fishing Pole. It is an all in one fishing set with good value for kids. The pink pole is a telescopic one, made with fiberglass to offer excellent quality. The reel is pre-spooled with monofilament fishing line, providing strong drag.

The design overall is shiny and attractive. In addition to the rod and reel, the combo packs plenty of other tackles, including fishing accessories, collapsible chair, and a bait net. As a starting kit, this will be a nice option for you to have fun with your kids.

Except for the rods mentioned above, there are a lot more cute pink fishing poles on the market. The point is to choose the one you like and need. Get to know the features of different models before buying. And if you want to select one at a beginner’s level, Plusinno is a nice choice.