PLUSINNO FN6 Fliegenfischernetz aus weichem Gummi
PLUSINNO FN6 Fliegenfischernetz aus weichem Gummi
PLUSINNO FN6 Fliegenfischernetz aus weichem Gummi
PLUSINNO FN6 Fliegenfischernetz aus weichem Gummi
PLUSINNO FN6 Fliegenfischernetz aus weichem Gummi
PLUSINNO FN6 Fliegenfischernetz aus weichem Gummi
PLUSINNO FN6 Fliegenfischernetz aus weichem Gummi

PLUSINNO FN6 Fliegenfischernetz aus weichem Gummi

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--Spezieller Gürtelclip für einfaches Tragen
--Faltbar und praktische Aufbewahrung

Plusinno Fishing Net
Die Gummistruktur ist besonders weich, sodass empfindliche Fische nicht beschädigt werden

--Tropfenförmige Körbe halten den Fisch sicher, sodass Sie Ihren Fang sicher fotografieren können
Das feine Gummigeflecht verheddert sich nicht mit Ihren Haken und Ihrem Tandem-Rig
---Ein stabiler Karabiner (im Lieferumfang enthalten), sodass Sie Ihr Netz am D-Ring Ihrer Weste oder Ihres Rucksacks befestigen können.
---2 superstarke Magnete, die fest schließen – so bleibt Ihr Kescher sicher und geschützt, auch wenn Sie es sind.
--Sicherheitsleine, rutschfester und bequemer Griff sorgen dafür, dass Sie Ihr Forellen-Angelnetz nie verlieren.
---Tragbares Netz zum Fangen und Freilassen von Forellen und Barschangeln. Verwendung für Kajak, Boot, Waten, Bach , Eisfischen und Reisen im Freien.
Plusinno Fishing Net


Fischernetzgröße: 16,6 x 12,4 x 1,8 Zoll
Gewicht: 450g
Farbe: Grau
Reduzierte Länge: 17"
Nettotiefe:  10"
Stil: Fliegenfischernetz

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alyssa L M
Awesome folding net! Space saver

okay so I got this net because I'm a "let's go fishing" out of the blue kind of guy and im not a fan of having to carry a long net.

First off, it FOLDS!! which is awesome in my opinion. Sure it won't hold super huge fish but that's not what I'm catching here in AZ. I mostly wanted it for trout season because the weather is much cooler and enjoyable.

Net feels really sturdy and its light weight which is awesome! It doesn't stay locked while the handle is folded but it's not an issue for me. I havent had a chance to use it yet, but will edit after this weekend if i catch any trout.

Very nice net

I love almost everything about this net. The only draw back is the magnetic clip at the end. I was fishing in some nasty weather and when I checked, the net had come loose in the water. I looked for quite a while, but all I had left was the clip and the magnet. I did like it some much, I bought another one. This one already has a safety line connected between the clip and the net!! Let hope this works and this net last a long time. Great net for the price.... plus a piece of good lightweight rope!!! Maybe that could be an added feature for a redesign.

Very Sturdy. The Material Is High Quality

I have used this to bring in small fish up to some really big ones. Either way, this net handled the job. Because of the material, any hook that caught any of the holes was easy to remove. Because it folds I am able to store it on the outside of my back pack. I think my next purchase will be the telescopic version of this same net. I will not go fishing without it.

I like it so far

Great, much better than any other I've had.

Using it for kayak fishing, it fits in my rod holders, its not too big or long or heavy, its not as small as a fly fishing net, and the silicone I think is softer on the fish than any other material I know of in a net like this one the fish.

So far have only caught 4 trout with it, my lures haven't gotten stuck in the webbing yet, all fish released without issues, only a few scales came off which is much better than the old scratchy waxed nylon net I used to use that would take off a lot of scales and scratch the fish.

Donat Labelle
Super great net !

I love this little net, I had one before but I lost it in the woods so I bought another ! Good price considering those fancy wooden framed silicone nets can go over $100 CAD. It's small enough I can keep it attached to my vest and it doesn't get in the way too much. And it gets even better - i didn't know about the magnetic detaching feature at first and when I did discover it, it blew my mind lol. The magnet is pretty strong too, so it only detaches when you give it a good tug, or it gets hooked on a tree going through the woods which is what happened to my first net, but thats my own fault. GREAT NET !

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