PLUSINNO FLS1 Angelschnurspuler
PLUSINNO FLS1 Angelschnurspuler
PLUSINNO FLS1 Angelschnurspuler
PLUSINNO FLS1 Angelschnurspuler
PLUSINNO FLS1 Angelschnurspuler
PLUSINNO FLS1 Angelschnurspuler
PLUSINNO FLS1 Angelschnurspuler

PLUSINNO FLS1 Angelschnurspuler

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  • Bestes Geschenk für Angler

Der praktischste Angelschnuraufwickler

Plusinno Fishing Line Spooler

Zwei-Wege-Funktionen Reel Line Spooler

Übertragen Sie die Schnur von der Schnurspule auf die Angelrollen. Eine Schnur von der Angelrolle kann schnell auf eine leere Spule aufgespult und aufbewahrt werden.
Anzug für Spinning-Baitcasting- und Trolling-Rollenspuler

Notwendiger Angelschnuraufwickler für alle, die gerne angeln

Egal, ob Sie ein Anfänger im Angeln oder ein begeisterter Angler sind, hier ist der Angelschnuraufwickler, den Sie brauchen. Ihr Vater, Ehemann oder Sohn wird diese Zeitersparnis genießen.

Aus welchem ​​Material besteht der Schnurwickler?

Plusinno-Angelschnurspuler bestehen hauptsächlich aus einer Aluminiumlegierung, Edelstahl und ABS-Kunststoff. Es ist einfach zu bedienen, sehr stabil und zur Aufbewahrung tragbar

Mehrfach verwendet Reel Spooler

Egal, ob Sie zu Hause, in Kajaks oder Booten sind, Sie können diesen Angelschnurwickler problemlos mitnehmen und verwenden. Sie können ihn überall hin mitnehmen und ihn jederzeit in der Hand haben, solange er sich in Ihrem Auto befindet . Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Baitcasting-Rollen und die Schnur nur als Referenz zum Aufspulen dienen und nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten sind

Hinweis: Wenn Sie die Schnur von der Spule auf die Spule übertragen, ziehen Sie bitte den Griff der Spule fest, während Sie dabei den Griff des Geräts verlieren. Im Gegenteil, wenn Sie die Schnur von der Spule auf die Spule übertragen


Übertragen Sie eine neue Angelschnur von der Schnurspule auf die Angelrollen (Baitcast-Rollen/Spinnrollen/Trolling-Rollen).
Die Schnur von der Angelrolle kann schnell auf eine leere Spule aufgespult und aufbewahrt werden.

Paketgröße:  20 x 12 x 3 cm/7,87 x 4,72 x 1,18 Zoll
Gewicht:  0,15 kg/0,33 lb

Verpackung beinhaltet:

Hinweis: Es funktioniert nicht mit großen Salzwasserrollen und schweren Angelschnüren

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Roy Kaye
Useful product

I've not used it yet, but it seems to be what I want. I require something to not only spool line onto a reel, but remove line onto a larger spool for storage / cleaning etc, incl. fly line. It seems that I can use a larger spool for fly line cleaning / conditioning, and just need to find a larger spool for that ideally.

Clyde Baker

Reel holder is too flimsy. I do better just holding my rod with the reel on it.


I am a fishing lodge owner and provide equipment when needed to my guests. I use all types of reels (open faced, spinning, and a variety of fly reels including spey and switch. The spooler is compact, easily assembled, made out of durable composite material, aluminum and portable. You can spool and unspool without a second person. It is particularly valuable when spooling a fly reel with backing before you add your fly line. You can also use a variety of sizes of spools. (See pics) The tension can be set so you line winds tightly on your reel. It also allows you to load the line in the proper direction. I would suggest one addition to the spooler. A second threaded rod with a smaller diameter would be a plus when loading spools that have a smaller hole than the current threaded rod will allow. This type of spool is common to most fly lines. I was able to make those spools work by simply using a small drill to make the spool hole larger and they worked fine. I gave it a 5 star. It is the best spooler I have come across. Hope this helps!

Make Life Easier (For your wife and kids!)

I have to admit - I'm the guy who made his wife and kids hold the pencil through the spool of line, while I kept tension on the line with one hand and reeled in with the other. Yes, it works, but is it the best way?

Having now put line on 3 reels, I can tell you, without a doubt, that no, the "pencil technique" is NOT the best way! This Plusinno line spooler IS the best way! I would consider this a "luxury" item since it is designed to simply make life easier for you. Set up took me about 2-3 minutes based on a simple picture of the item and the instructions. It connects up easier than my kids' last lego project and is very compact and handy. I've so far attached this to an ironing board, my kitchen counter (pictured) and my dining room table. The best surface is a solid surface. The ironing board was not ideal. Basically - it can be attached pretty much anywhere. The clamping system allows for a pretty large surface - maybe 4-5". Once clamped down, it's very secure. Broken down, it can be folded up to a very compact size as well. (see pic)

Once together, you put your spool of line on, screw down the spool holder and adjust the star shaped knob on the right side (drag style similar to a casting reel) of the spooler for proper tension, so you get your line set correctly on the reel. Then simply tie the line on to your reel and spin your reel knob until you have the correct amount of line on.

I even had my 7 year old do it on a second reel after he watched me set up the first. It was very simple for him to do as well.

The only drawback is that I didn't have something like this 25 years ago!!!

Sturdy, quality build.

Sturdy, quality build. Worked well off of my cutting board on my cart. Can’t go fishing now without it, never know when you’ll need to despoil.

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