Plusinno Wall-mounted Vertical Fishing Rod Rack Review

Why should one get fishing rod racks? As an avid fisherman, one cannot stop buying more fishing rods. Most fishermen would store their fishing rods in the garage, piling them in a cluster in the corner. But this way of storing the fishing rods not only won’t keep your fishing rods well organized but also does no good to the longevity of your rods. That’s when fishing rod racks come in handy and convenient.

We’ll be introducing the Plusinno Wall-mounted Vertical Fishing Rod Racks in this article. There are undoubtedly numerous fishing rod racks on the market. What makes the Plusinno Wall-mounted Vertical Fishing Rod Racks so unique and worth buying? This article is all about storing your fishing rods in a compact way, in a safe environment, as well as at an affordable price.

Obviously, rods are brittle, they get broken easily. It is important to keep them out of the way and keep them safe as well. When they are in the garage, they are cluttering the place up. If you are looking for a way of storing your fishing rods out of the way when they are not in use, try the Plusinno rod rack. It is in Blue and Black color. These come in one-pack, two-pack, and four-pack. As for the Plusinno V9 Rod Rack, each one holds up to 9 fishing rods or combos.

Rod rack

The package and the whole build

The Plusinno rod rack is pretty thin and simply packaged. What comes with the rod rack itself in the box are a hardware kit with mounting screws and the anchors that you need for drywall, and an instruction booklet. It looks really easy to install, you just get it level on your wall.

The Plusinno rod rack looks pretty sturdy. It is made of decent-quality plastic, and the rubber grip is awesome so it will obviously protect your rods. The rubber there is really soft that it’s not going to damage the rods in any way. The spring mechanism isn’t too tight but sturdy enough to keep the rods firmly in there and they’re not going to be falling out.

Vertical rod holder

How to install it and how it holds up?

The wall-mounted rod rack of Plusinno is quite easy to install with the hardware kit offered. You will need a simple drill to mount it. Installing takes just a few minutes. You would like to mount them not too high up to the ceiling but they are also at eye level so you can just grab them and go. You mount with these little bracket holders pushing upwards, make sure you have them pointed up. Level it and mark it in the holes. Take a drill and drill pilot holes for these anchors before screwing in. 3 screw eyelets on the top and 2 on the bottom to make sure that you have it anchored properly. Flip the grip up and pop the rod in there. And let the tension on this along with gravity on the rod, bring it back down and hold it in place. The rubber on both sides is to protect the rod.

This is a single unit and you don’t have a bottom piece, your rods are not level at the bottom, so your reels are not clanking into each other. There’s a trigger-activated system, so you pull that back and put your rod in and they slowly let that out and that’ll grip the rod and stop it slipping down so. You will always want to stagger them from one another, so the reels down there don’t mess up. If you want to grab a rod of it, it’s as easy as just unclipping it and taking your rod off. You can totally do this one-handed.

The original model of the Plusinno vertical rod rack was the V9 rod rack which holds up to 9 fishing rods or combos. It can fit most rods and hold rods up to 2.2 lbs. But Plusinno has an upgraded version this year, the V6 rod rack. It is also a wall-mounted vertical rod holder. Without changing the size, it upgraded the rubber pieces on both sizes. You can hold the rubber down to make it fit for any type size of rod. The hanging sections are larger than the V9, so it holds up to 6 rods, and up to 5.5 lbs of weight.

Plusinno V6 rod rack

These rod racks are around 17 inches in length, and won’t take a ton of space in your garage, a literal space saver. Using this wall-mounted vertical rod rack is a really simple way of storing your rods off the floor, out the bags, and saving a little bit of space as well.

Moreover, these are actually very versatile rod racks. You can not only install them vertically but also horizontally, as long as you take the 2-pack version. It is really space-efficient way of storing rods with these rod racks. If you’ve got an abundance of rods, say no more, these Plusinno Wall-mounted Vertical Fishing Rod Racks will definitely do the drill. As for the price, they are pretty budget-friendly, each pack costs less than 20 bucks. You will simply need more of them to get all your fishing rods organized.