Plusinno Fishing Tackle Bag Review

Finding the right fishing tackle bag can be a challenging task for any angler. On one hand, they want to ensure they have enough space to carry all their gear, so a small day sling bag is not the ideal option. On the other hand, no one wants to carry around a large and cumbersome backpack. Is there a tackle bag that falls somewhere in between? In this article, we will introduce you to the Plusinno fishing tackle bag and guide you through its features.

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Why the Plusinno Fishing Tackle Bag?

Sometimes you are only going to be out for a few hours and you can just take a sling pack along because you don’t need that much gear with you. And then there are those times for traveling or on a boat where you are going to need a  backpack for a little bit more extra gear, but not a bulky one that will drain you off.

And the Plusinno fishing tackle bag is a practical portable tackle solution for somewhere in between now if you might be out all day but don’t want to short change yourself and not bring enough fishing gear. Well, the Plusinno fishing tackle bag is this little gem right here that comes into play. It’s not as big as a full-sized backpack, but it’s a lot larger than a sling. Yet it contains the features of both. We’ll illustrate the 3 most important features of the Plusinno fishing tackle bag.

Plusinno fishing tackle bag


A fishing tackle bag is a means of transporting your fishing gear from your vehicle down to your kayak or your boat or to your favorite bank fishing spot or hiking down the creeks. This Plusinno fishing tackle bag ticks all the boxes. It’s basically a standard backpack but packs a lot more. Even though the dimensions are smaller, the pockets are designed a lot better.

  • On the outside, it comes with a bottle holder for your drinks absolutely essential, especially through summer when you are fishing. There’s even a pliers hoop on there, you can just unvelcro that real quick. There are tactical clips everywhere. There is the rod holder pocket right on the side of there, next to the pliers' holster, which holds up your fishing rod very well. What needs to mention is that there are plenty of d-rings on everything so you can add extra attachments, magnetic quick release, landing nets, and stuff like that.
  • Move to the front of the bag you’ll notice there are two little pockets on the front with a big D ring on the lower one. There’s a clip that connects these two little pockets, unclip it to be fully adjustable if needed. In the top section, you can put kinds of stuff like scissors, fishing licenses, measurements, and sunglasses. On the bottom one, you can put a spool of line, some other clips, jigs, baits, and any other things you want.
  • And then it’s the main compartments. In the middle pack which is like a middle segment, you can fit a full tackle box in and also some soft plastics. There’s a larger compartment just behind it that’s going to fit two big tackle boxes, one full of jigs and one full of crankbaits. Apart from those, you can fit all the soft plastic hooks and miscellaneous tools.


The material of the Plusinno fishing tackle bag really hits the benchmark. It is made out of high-density 600d Nylon water repellent material. So your gear will stay safe and dry even when you got caught in some rain or hike down the creeks. Material inside further reduces the water penetration into these pockets. Also, pair up the fabric with corrosion-resistant zippers. This bag is made to last a long time for all anglers.

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Comfortability and versatility

The Plusinno fishing tackle bag offers a cushion for your back as well and another pocket on the back to keep anything that you want in there. It also comes with these very versatile straps. The straps allow you to wear this number of ways. You can wear this as a shoulder pack, a man satchel, or a backpack; you can even wear it as a chest pack. Zip these straps and attach them on one side so you can use it as a sling. Or you can unzip it and it separates the arm pieces where you can use it as a full backpack for the day. There’s a little sleeve under there for stuff that you may need but not very often through your session.

In addition to that, it has a lot of room for modification. You can easily clip your phone, and wallet for easy access. If you explore more on this bag, you will find more surprises to come, it can always pack more than you thought it would.


As a fisherman, there would be days when you are out there and simply want to do different techniques as the day progresses, for instance, take some hard baits, soft baits, or ultra-light stuff. Instead of using an extra bulky bag that would only give you sour shoulders or a little sling that just won’t pack all kinds of stuff, the Plusinno fishing tackle bag simply takes care of it. It allows you to pack all the things you’ve ever wanted to use, from a drink bottle to a fishing rod; and offers much comfort and usage. It makes your fishing trip much easier and is a must-have for all anglers at a budget price.