Don’t Call it a Man’s Sport, Women Anglers Growing in Numbers

For a long time, fishing has been a sport dominated by men. Nowadays however, more and more women are taking an active interest in this adventurous sport.

It's easy to understand why women and girls in sports are "getting their fish on" more often, particularly if you consider these ten benefits.

Women anglers

  •  Girls and women have more opportunities to build confidence, practice leadership skills, and can work together as a team while boating or fishing.
  • Girls and young women in sports tend to have higher grade point averages and lower high school drop out rates.

  • Fishing and boating can provide opportunities for girls and young women to learn new skills so that they feel more comfortable in outdoor sports settings.

  • Female anglers know that catching a fish is an empowering feeling.

  • Girls and women who play sports are better at budgeting time.

  • Sports and outdoor physical activity are linked to decreased likelihood of symptoms related to stress and depression.

  • Girls and women in sports learn how to set goals, which is important when it comes to inter-personal relationships and career success.

  • Fishing builds friendships. There is an unquestionable bond of friendship that forms when women share time on the water together.

  • Competitive sport fishing, which takes place through participation in tournaments and events, can help foster achievement-oriented behaviors.

  • Girls and women need to see more inspirational role models. This means that they need to see more girls and women driving boats, tying knots, catching fish, and mentoring new anglers.

Women anglers

    Over the past few years, many movements have focused on empowering women. Perhaps this is another way for women to challenge the social norm, proving that they can also do physically demanding activities such as landing giant fish. Today, you will also see an increase in female fishing captains and making a living through fishing.

    Unlike a lot of the men, the women have figured out not only how to enjoy the sport, but make a career at it by marrying a mix of their skills and good looks.  

    So with that in mind, it seems only appropriate to not only congratulate those women on becoming huge ambassadors for their sport but making it a past time men are once again flocking to for more than just the good eats. Not all of these women are doing this for the fame. Some truly love the sport. Either way, we applaud them.