What To Choose, Left or Right Handed Baitcasting Reel?

If you used to using baitcasting reel , a frequently ask question would bother you a lot, left or right handed? Because most spinning reels have the handles on the left, and there are a lot of baitcasting reels on the market have the handles on both the left and right, like the Plusinno Baitcasting reel. So what does it matter to choose a left or right handed baitcasting reel? And why does the baitcasting reels offer both left and right handles? That’s what we are going to discuss in this article.

 Plusinno Baitcasting Reel

What is a baitcasting reel?

A baitcasting reel is the type of reel that sits atop the fishing rod, its spool flush with the rod. Baitcasting reels are usually made for more experienced anlgers, as they works great with heavier lures and fishing lines, like braid line, monofilament fine, and so on. Unlike the spinning reel whose line usually gets off the rod, the line of the baitcasting reel is always in line with the rod when coming off the spool.

Baitcasting reel has a revolving spool. When the agler makes a cast of adds pressure forward to the rod tip, the spool moves as the weight of the lure is pulling the line. This feature of the baitcasting reel requires anglers have the proper skill and technique to keep things under control, so as to say to make the spool slow down. As it will result in blacklash when the spool is moving too fast, the line will be flying and turned into knots, especially when you are casting in the wind. So baitcasting reels are always recommended for more experienced anglers.

Plusinno Baitcasting Reel

How to use baitcasting reel

Baitcasting reels offer fishermen more control and precision, which means you can cast further and more precise with them, because of the revolving spool. This also makes it more challenging to use than spinning reels. You’ll need some skill to control the movement of the spool, especially when the lure is going deeper in the water.

Most anglers used to use their thumb to brake and control the line. There’s a button on the spool, press the button to release the fishing line when using a baitcasting reel. This also helps to release the bait. When you are ready to cast, just lock the line by putting your thumb on the reel. Turn the handle to pop the button back up to end the cast. Baitcasting reels are perfect to use for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. If you are targeting strong and large fish, and also want more accuracy, baitcasting reels are recommended.

Plusinno Baitcasting Reel

Whether to use left or right handed baitcasting reel

Most people have a dominant hand which they use to do most of the things in life, most people’s dominant hand is the right hand. The majority of the reels in recent years came with a right handle. This may be a little annoying for right-handled anglers. They will need to make a cast with their right hand and then switch hands quickly so that they can control and crank the reel with the dominant hand.

This has something to do with the angler’s personal preference. Most baitcasting reels today offer 2 styles, handle on the left and on the right, just like the Plusinno Baitcasting Reel. If you are a right-handed caster, you can choose a left-handed baitcasting reel, use your dominant hand to hold the rod and cast, and crank the reel with your left hand, and vice versa. So you don’t have to switch hands after a cast is made, which seems very reasonable and convenient.

With left-handed baitcasting reel being popular and common, the choice is wide open now, most anglers won’t be stuck with the right-handed only reel. But most anglers can just adapt to it very well and quickly, it doesn’t really affect the accuracy and distance of the casting. So it is more or less a matter of preference and using habit.

Some experienced anglers who have been fishing for a long time reckon that cast and switch is a natural move and they won’t consider a change. As with their dominant hand, they can easily exert enough power with the reel to fight the big fish. So, if you are comfortable using the right handed reel, just stick with it. Whether to choose the left or right handed baitcasting reel depends totally on what is more comfortable to you.

Where to buy baitcasting reels

As baitcasting reels are made for heavy lures and large fish, and recommended for more experienced anglers, it surely costs more than regular spinning reels. If you are a beginner angler, spinning reel is the most ideal reel to try, it gives you perfect versatility to control the fishing line. And if you want to target more species, especially those large ones, baitcasting reel is more useful.

Most baitcasting reels are very expensive. But now you can get an excellent baitcasting reel at Plusinno for around $30. The Plusinno Baitcasting Reel is on sale, the right handed at $39.99 and left handed at $37.99. You can’t even get spinning reels at this cost on the market. As Plusinno is aimed to make fishing affordable for everyone, the fishing products from Plusinno are all affordable and with decent quality. If you are considering getting a baitcasting reel, the Plusinno Baitcasting Reel would be a nice choice. Just remember to get the one with the right handle.