What is the Best Cast Net for Beginners?

If you want to catch you own live bait fish, a cast net is an essential tool. Cast net is the best tool for live bait fishing. With a large size net, you will be able to catch as much as fish you want. But how to choose the best cast net? To define the best cast net, there are a few factors to take into consideration, material and quality, size, and types of cast net.

What’s the best cast net material?

The material used to make a cast net is very important. You want something that will be strong and not get tangled, but also something that is soft enough that it won’t rip your fingers while handling the net. The best cast net material is made from nylon, PVC, or monofilament. These materials are lightweight, durable and flexible. They can be used in a variety of situations, making them a great choice for casting nets. If you want to use your cast net as often as possible, it's best to invest in durable cast net material that won't tear easily or become hard to manage after repeated use.

Nylon is the most popular cast net material as it is strong, durable and relatively cheap to buy. Nylon cast net like the Plusinno cast net gives you the strongest, most durable netting for years of reliable use.

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How to choose the size of cast net

There are many factors to consider when choosing the size of a cast net. It's important to consider how long and how big you want the net to be and what types of fish may be in the water. Some fishermen prefer larger nets, while others like smaller ones that can be easily draped over their shoulders. The size of the net is determined by the intended fish and the depth at which they are being caught. A small fish such as a crappie or bluegill will not require the large opening of a 5-foot diameter net, but bigger fish such as catfish prefer this size.

The most common sizes of cast net range from 4 feet to 12 feet or above. In addition to the target fish, the place where you want to use the cast net is very decisive as well. For instance, if you want to cast the net in open water, a larger size with approximately 8 feet radius will be a fine size. And a smaller size will be more appropriate if you fish small creeks. Other than that, you can also take your own height and weight into consideration. Normally, the taller and heavier fisherman can cast larger net. As for beginners, we recommend not to choose an over sized cast net, because it requires skills and techniques, go with the smaller ones around 6 feet radius that are easy for you to cast. The right size will allow you to cast it with ease and without effort. In general, the larger the net, the more effort is required to throw it.

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What to choose between the traditional cast net and the new cast net with Frisbee

Currently, there are two common types of cast nets on the market, the traditional style and the new style with Frisbee. First of all, a cast net usually contains these parts, yoke, mesh, Braille lines, lead line, and handline. This is what a traditional cast net looks like, and the new style with Frisbee has an aluminum ring at the yoke.

In general, the traditional cast net is best for larger sized nets, and it requires more efforts to throw or cast. Experienced fishermen who want to catch a lot more fish and always throw it from a large boat prefer the traditional cast net. While beginners who just want to catch bait fish like the one with Frisbee, because it is much easier to use. The new style cast net with aluminum ring makes it simpler to throw a cast net, more friendly for people who want to catch their own live bait fish quickly.

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So what is the best time to throw a cast net? Some people believe late December to early February is the best time to use cast net to catch fish, because that’s when herring come into bay to spawn and there are chances to catch enough to use them as bait for the rest of the year. While some think it is Spring and Summer. As a matter of fact, cast nets are designed to be used in saltwater, freshwater and the shoreline. They are most effective when used on calm lakes and ponds but can be effective in many fishing environments. Cast nets can be used year round; however, late summer through fall is considered prime time for catching almost any type of fish by casting and retrieving a cast net.

So the best cast net for you is the one that can catch a variety of fish, made from durable, flexible nylon mesh. A wide mouth and compact size make it easy to throw and retrieve.