Tips for Catching Bass in Sweltering Hot Summer

It’s literally the hottest time of the year now. Most countries in the north globe are suffering the sweltering heat. It is more difficult to catch fish this time of the year, and most anglers will found it less motivated hitting the water, some of them may come home with an empty bucket because of the hardly bearable heat. This is also the time that fish are biting slowly. Although they put less effort in eating, they still like to eat. This would not stop most bass catchers’ pursuit for fish. Make good use of the place, timing, weather, baits and some techniques will still catch you some really nice bass.

summer fishing

Knowing where to find bass is the first step to catch more. As the day is getting hotter, the water temperature is arising as well, making the bite tougher than before. Bass are predictable, pretty much like human, they don’t like swimming in the bright sun because that will hurt their eyes and make it hard for them to see, but prefer cool shadows. Just find the shades areas of the lake, river, or pond. These are the places where bass hide. Looking for docks, mats and overhanging bushes or grass that are obvious places to target bass. By understanding their habitats, you can get a real good bite.

summer fishing

When is the best time to fish for bass in summer? Many anglers probably will opt for night fishing to get away from the summer heat and chaos when it’s cooler. Bass can be caught all day. But the best times of the day are early morning and late afternoon with reduced light. Dawn until 2 hours after sunrise and 2 hours before sunset until dusk are often the most comfortable times to be on the water. Apart from that, a cloudy day in summer can make more good bites than sunny day as well.

Plusinno Fishing Lures

What are the best lures for summer bass? Some anglers believe that big baits are for big bass and small baits are for small ones. This may not be a bad idea but it doesn’t necessarily work this way either. There are some of the biggest recorded bass have been caught on small baits under two inches. The most popular summer bass fishing lures are spinner baits, crank baits, jigs, topwater frogs, and plastic worms. It depends on where you are casting. Spinner baits can be useful in any condition, but they will truly make themselves useful in muddy or murky water because of their flash and vibration. Crank baits can work in both deep water and shallow water. Skirted jig is one of the most versatile lures an fisherman can use for summer bass fishing. Topwater frogs can truly prove themselves if you’re fishing in an area with plenty of lily pads. Plastic worms can be very good at enticing bass in shallow spots.

Smaller bass are more abundant during summer season because they can bear with the summer heat better with their smaller bodies, so don’t be upset if you catch small bass. They can be more active around dusk and dawn when the sunlight is reduced. The cooler water temperatures in the early morning or late evening will enhance bass activity. And also remember to try different lures when summer bass fishing.