Plusinno Frisbee Style Cast Net Review

If you aspire to catch big fish, possessing the skill to effectively cast a net is of utmost importance. Among all the fishing nets, cast net is probably the only one that enables you to catch a lot of fish at one time. However, mastering this technique can be quite challenging, particularly for those who are completely unfamiliar with cast nets. It is one of those skills that truly necessitates witnessing someone perform it or gaining insights from experienced individuals. For beginners who are genuinely eager to learn how to throw a cast net, the Plusinno Frisbee Style Cast Net is undoubtedly worth considering. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive review of the Plusinno cast net featuring an aluminum Frisbee.

Plusinno Cast Net

Take a sneak peak at the cast net

The Plusinno cast net includes a convenient carrying bag that contains the net itself, a repairing kit, and a user guide with instructions on how to throw and repair cast net. This bag makes it simple to pack and transport the net with ease.

Cast Net

The net is equipped with galvanized lead sinkers on the bottom so that it will sink quickly when you cast it out. Additionally, it is constructed with a nylon mesh for added durability. This choice of material is similar to the difference between fishing with braid versus monofilament, as nylon is stronger. With a mesh size of 3/8 inch, this net is perfect for catching a variety of fish, ranging from crappie minnows to long ear sunfish. It is important to note that the Plusinno cast nets are measured by radius. For example, a 6-foot cast net has a 12-foot wide circle from edge to edge. Beginners should choose a net size smaller than or equal to their height to easily master the throwing technique.

One unique feature of this cast net is its inclusion of a frisbee disc. This disc assists with the throwing process, making it incredibly easy for users. The disc is center-located which helps it spread, open up a little bit more.

How to throw the Plusinno cast net step by step

Throwing a cast net requires some technique, so it's important to practice in an open area before attempting it in the water. Initially, learning to throw a cast net can be frustrating, but it's crucial to be patient and focus on the details. Just like a golf swing, even the smallest adjustments can greatly impact the outcome.

Cast Net
  • Prepare the net: Prior to casting the net, meticulously shake it out and ensure that there are no entanglements at the bottom.
  • Handle the net properly and get ready: Attach the wristlet securely to your wrist and wind the rope in increments of one foot until reaching the bottom. Proceed to grasp the disc and position it between your fingers. Fold the net over at one-third of its length, ensuring the disc is beneath the ring and the net lies within your thumb. Take the closest weight and wrap it over the ring while firmly securing the line under your thumb. Give it a slight shake to confirm that it is not spinning. As you hold the middle of the net with your other hand, prepare to launch it.
  • Cast the net: Withdraw your arm to the left, elevating the arm that holds the disc while simultaneously lowering the other arm. Verify that the cast net is not twisted by glancing behind you. With extended arms, take aim at your desired target and throw the net with an ascending trajectory.
    cast net
  • Retrieve the cast net: Once the cast net is submerged in the water, allow it to sink briefly, then gently pull it to tighten it. This will facilitate the capture of any fish within the net. If you plan on casting the net again, ensure that it is untangled and straightened before proceeding.
  • Store the net: Lay the net down in a flat position, and coil all the weights over it. Ensure the net is centered snugly. Arrange the throw string neatly on top and place it securely inside the carrier case. Finally, zip the case to complete the packing process. You can put this in your fishing tackle bag and take it with you to fish any time and any where, pretty convenient.

Finer points

One important thing to note is to ensure that the net is not spinning before you prepare to throw it. The Plusinno cast net has a wide opening, but you must learn a technique to prevent it from spinning. By doing so, you can achieve a nicely spread out net. If done incorrectly, it may result in a disaster.

Centrifugal force is crucial in this process. If you find it challenging to fully open the net, try facing the opposite direction of where you intend to throw it. Applying a bit of centrifugal force can help in achieving better results.

Throw cast net

Final words

If you are a beginner who just learn to use a cast net, the Plusinno Frisbee Style Cast Net is definitely an effective tool. With its frisbee disc, it will be so much helpful throughout your learning process. In addition to the frisbee disc, this cast net also comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation and convenient storage. The nylon mesh and galvanized lead sinkers it equips will make the net last long. 

The whole material of the Plusinno cast net is undoubtedly high quality and reliable. The key points of practicing this cast net is to remember to untangle everything on the cast net before getting prepared and make sure the cast net is not spinning at all before throwing. Follow our step-by-step guide, you will surely learn how to throw the Plusinno cast net effectively and quickly.