Fishing Line Spooler - How To Use It On A Reel

Most fishermen find out that the condition of their fishing line is of much importance. Without fishing line, you can never go fishing. Fishing line to fisherman is like knife to chef. You will have to spool the fishing line on your reel before going fish and unspool it for storage. This is when a fishing line spooler comes in handy.

A fishing line spooler is a quick and convenient tool that helps you spool and unspool your fishing reel really quickly. And you can do that basically anywhere. With the fishing line spooler, you can save all the hassle when changing, spooling, and unspooling your fishing line, as you will need no more tools. In this article, we are going to talk about the features and functions of the fishing line spooler, and let’s see what it can do for you.

What is a fishing line spooler?

To sum up, a fishing line spooler is a fishing equipment and tool that helps to put a fishing line onto a reel and take the fishing line off a reel. It is very important to any angler that the fishing line spooler helps to eliminate any line twists or folds, as these would cause the line to break down, get tangled, or even worse, break completely. Obviously, no angler would want that, since the horrible fishing line may let one of your biggest fish go away. So, a fishing line spooler is a great investment for every angler these days. Especially, this tool won’t cost you a fortune yet helps to get rid of the possible hassle.

 Plusinno Fishing Line Spooler

The Plusinno Fishing Line Spooler is the one that does all the tricks, as it literally offers both winding and unwinding functions, which means you can spool and unspool the fishing line. Moreover, it works on spinning reels, baitcasting reels, and even trolling reels. Have it installed on a workbench or just assemble it with a rod clip, and you are good to go.

You can easily and quickly spool or unspool your reel without any extra tool or help. What’s more exciting is that the Plusinno Fishing Line Spooler costs $24.99 only with an unwinding function. You can’t find another one on the market that can beat this price. Check the video below to preview the using video of Plusinno Fishing Line Spooler from the channel Live 2 Fish on YouTube.

How to unspool the reel with a fishing line spooler

To do that, you will have the line spooler set up first. Set it up on the desktop using the table clamp. Then install the line spool holder and the spool. You have to do some prep before going. Firstly, take your line and tie it onto the spool, then take a piece of scotch tape and attach it to the end of your fishing line. Make sure you have secured it well to the spooler so that there is no slipping to get it started.

Now, loosen up the drag of your reel to get a little bit of resistance. We do not recommend opening the bail here, as opening the bail may lead to backlashes. And now you are ready to go, just spin the handle of the line spooler holder, once you see the spool is following back and forth, it means it’s working. Dragging the line across to make sure it’s distributed evenly on the spool. So you can unspool your fishing reel very quickly and nicely.

How to spool the reel with a fishing line spooler

Just like unspooling the reel, you will have to set up the fishing line spooler first, including the spooled line and your fishing reel. Before spooling the line onto your fishing reel, you will also need to secure the end of the line onto the reel first to get started. And then open up the knob on the line spool holder a little bit to get it tense. Tighten up the drag of your reel, all you have to do is spin the handle of your fishing reel, and then you can spool the fishing line onto your fishing reel in less than one minute.

Plusinno Fishing Line Spooler

As you can see how simple it is to spool, unspool, and re-spool your fishing reel with a fishing line spooler. Everything goes so smoothly once you have the tool set up. It won’t cost you much time. But imagine without this tool, you will probably need a lot more tools to do the job, not to mention that you have to get rid of the line twists. But thanks to the fishing line spooler, all the hassle can be saved now. Spooling and unspooling become a piece of cake.

And with some trick, you can make the fishing line evenly distributed on both the spool and your reel. This is how you can easily keep the fishing line from twists or folds. Many anglers have found the line spooler useful if you ever noticed what they say on social media.

With the Plusinno Fishing Line Spooler, you can save a lot of time spooling or unspooling your reel. What’s more important, it is very compact and lightweight, easily fits in your backpack, so that you will be able to do the job anywhere and anytime. It works as a spooler and also a unspooler. And as for the price, it almost beats all the fishing line spooler on the market at just around 20 bucks. Check out the Plusinno Fishing Line Spooler if you are considering getting yourself one.