Fishing Rod Holders: A Simple Guide To Keep Your Fishing Gear In Order

Fishing rod holders or racks have been very popular for a long time. As a fishing tool, it can help to organize your fishing rods perfectly, no matter in the garage, on a boat, or in the car. Different fishing rod holders are designed for different scenarios. But generally speaking, no matter what scenarios they are made for, fishing rod holders are designed to keep your fishing rods in good order.

What kind of fishing rod holder do you need and why do you need them? Fishermen who go fishing a lot, probably need several different fishing rod holders, as these do help to do the job better. Before purchasing the right fishing rod holders, you should know the difference between these styles.

fishing rod holder

1. What is a Fishing Rod Holder?

Simply put, a fishing rod holder is a piece of tool that keeps your fishing rods staying where you want them to be. There are multiple fishing rod holders on the market made out of different materials. The size and design decide where they are supposed to be mounted.

Today, the fishing rod holders we see a lot are the fishing rod holders for garages, boats, and for cars. These rod holders all come in different designs, materials, and styles. In addition, they are installed in different places as well.

2. Where Do You Install It?

Wall-mounted fishing rod holder. This is the type of rod holder to be installed on the wall. Wall mounted fishing rod holder is perfect for anglers who have a bunch of fishing rods but couldn’t find a proper way to store them. This type of fishing rod holder is usually easy to install on the wall in your garage. It can keep your fishing rods well organized, instead of randomly putting them on the floor.

Fishing boat rod holder. As the name implies, this style of fishing rod holder is specifically designed for the boat. It is an ideal tool for anglers who go boat fishing a lot. It’s literally a game changer if you have this on your boat when fishing. It can be installed on the boat or kayak, allowing anglers to replace baits and lures, keeping fishermen more concentrated.

Fishing rod holder for car. This may not seem common to most of you, but it is best designed for anglers who travel to fish by car a lot. And it’s very simple to install it. Just secure these on the back of the seat and put the rods on. Not only easy to use but also keeps your rods safe on the road.

fishing rod holder

3. How Do You Use It?

Fishing rod holders are very simple tools to use. Wall-mounted fishing rod holders are usually made from a tough polymer material and non-slip silicone. You can simply install it on the wall with a few screws. The right way to use it is to open the rod rack grip, put the rod in and it’s done. Storing your fishing rods just needs a few steps. You can also choose to mount it vertically or horizontally. For anglers who don’t have a high ceiling, they choose to mount it horizontally.

The fishing rod holder for the boat is made out of heavy-duty ABS material. As it is installed on a boat, it is often built to be anti-corrosion. Anglers find it very helpful when boat fishing or kayak fishing. It can be mounted on the side of the boat with a long screw. And you can adjust the angle 360 degrees.

The fishing rod holder for the boat is designed for a long fishing trip that requires driving. Instead of putting the fishing rods in the back of the car, anglers can secure these rod holders on the back of the seat. As the rod holder is made from nylon cloth, it is quite simple to be installed. There are hooks and straps to secure the holder. After the rod holders are fixed on the back of the seat, you can put the fishing rods on the holders; they will hold it very steadily.

fishing rod holder

4. It's important to keep your fishing gear organized.

Keeping fishing gear well organized can be very important to every fisherman. If the fishing rods are stacked randomly, there is a risk that they will be damaged or the fishing lines get tangled. This will obviously reduce the lifespan of any fishing rod.

Although fishing rod holders are very simple tools, they are very useful and necessary, no matter for rod storage or fishing trip. They can not only keep your rods safe, but also make them well organized. Of course, other than the styles mentioned above, there are more on the market. For example, there are many different rod racks that just stand on the ground to store your fishing rods.

So, if you intend to keep your fishing gear in order and safe, it is highly recommended to get yourself different styles of fishing rod holders. Nothing can do better than this equipment.