Plusinno Collapsible Foldable Floating Landing Net Review

A landing net is almost a must-have for all anglers, no matter if you do fly fishing, bank fishing, kayak fishing, river fishing, etc. The landing net helps a lot when you need to reel the fish in, so you don’t have to lose any fish.

There are numerous types of landing nets on the market, what should you be looking for? Some nets that are made of nylon or string simply won’t do any good when you are fishing, as they get tangled a lot and you may easily drop the net in the water. That’s why you have to really take a look into this Plusinno landing net. It has 4 main features that meet all fishermen’s needs when they have to land a fish in any type of fishing because it is a collapsible foldable floating rubberized landing net.

  • A rubber coated non-snag net

The Plusinno landing net comes with a rubber coating that goes all around the net, which is going to keep your hooks from getting stuck. It doesn’t matter if you like to throw crankbaits, it’s easy to get the treble hooks out and remove the lure. They are not going to get snagged in the net quite as often as they would in your regular nylon net with the bigger holes in it. Unlike the nylon net that really tears up those fish, the rubber net will protect your fish from getting torn up, perfect for catch and release. The rubber coating is also going to give you a lot of durability with the net, making it last longer.

Plusinno rubber landing net

  • A collapsible net

Another awesome feature about the Plusinno landing net is it’s collapsible. It has a telescopic pole on it. You can loosen it up and pull the pole out and then tighten it down, so it’s going to hold that in place for you. With a little extension on the pole, you can easily reel the fish in whenever you are bank fishing or kayak fishing. It’s a very easy net to extend into the full position. And when it collapsed, it becomes a compact net, easy for travel.

  • A foldable net

Being foldable is yet another excellent feature of the Plusinno landing net. Made to be convenient for all fishermen, it has a button on the clip, push it back so you can easily fold it down into a small net nicely. It comes in handy and saves a lot of space on the boat. Hold it right back down when you are ready to put it away. Moreover, it’s also easy to unfold it, just whip it out and it stays open. You can be reeling in a fish and then with one hand keep control the rod in the other hand reach down grab the net and easily flip it open one-handed. It’s not something you have to practice for half an hour to get it right. You’ll get it right the very first time.

Plusinno landing net

  • A floating net

It’s always a pain with those regular traditional nets when you accidentally drop them in the water, they just sink to the bottom of the river and you will never get them back again. Well, this won’t happen ever with the Plusinno landing net with its floating feature. This is one of the most intriguing features of the net. There’s a foam pad built inside around the hoop, that’s the thing that makes the net float on the water. No need to add any extra flotation device to it. You don’t have to worry about your net falling into the water and sinking to the bottom of the river or the lake. It floats, making it really easy to carry around, especially when you are kayak fishing. You can always get the net back. This feature almost beats all the other landing nets on the market and really solves anglers’ pain of dropping their nets in the water once in a while.

  • Other convenient design

The net has this lanyard clip right there so you can clip it onto your belt or tackle bag. It’s really good for wade fishermen and anybody who’s bank fishing. You don’t have to keep it in your hand. There's also a detachable base down there with a very strong magnet. It got this little rope on the handle as well; you can put that on your wrist or put a carabineer on this sometimes too and clip it to your belt or clip it to something on your boat. It got a nice soft grip handle on it, so it’s going to be good in the winter time when you are fishing your hands won’t get cold when you are grabbing that. It’s super sturdy sometimes when you’re wading through a river. You’ll use it almost as a walking stick to help you get up on over banks and things like that. So it’s really strong. It won’t bend or break abusing it in that way.


Beyond being collapsible, foldable, and floatable, the Plusinno net is also a depth-wise landing net for catch and release. Although the hoop is not a very big one, you can still reel in some big fish easily, as it is very strong and deep. What else would you need with the Plusinno landing net? It meets all fishermen’s needs. While equipped with these awesome features, it is also an affordable net, unlike those cost a lot of money, the Plusinno net is only around $22 for the smallest size. An excellent landing net at this price range.