Whopper Plopper - What Is Whopper Plopper and How to Use It

Speaking of fishing lures, there are many types of baits out there. There is this type called whopper plopper which has become one of the most popular topwater lures. It can be used for both fresh water and salt water. Anglers usually choose the proper type to catch the fish they are after. Fishing lures can be quite crucial for fishing, as fish won’t bite all the lures. So choosing the right fishing lure is a skeptical matter. The Plusinno Whopper Plopper is a budget topwater lure perfect for bass fishing.

A whopper plopper is usually used for bass fishing. The movements it has perfectly mimic a lively fish, there won’t be a miss if you use whopper plopper for bass. In this article, we will introduce everything about whopper plopper and how to fish it. If you have any doubts or wonder what it is, you can check out the Plusinno Whopper Plopper here for only $14.99.

Plusinno Whopper Plopper

What is a whopper plopper? 

Long story short, whoper plopper is a kind of hard plastic fishing lure. It has a small fish shape and comes with a rotating tail on the real. Whopper plopper is also a small fishing lure. It floats horizontally on the top of the water. When retrieving the line, its floppy plastic tail spins in the water, creates bubbles and made some unique noise that says “plop, plop, plop”.

The whopper plopper comes in a few different sizes, there are 60, 75, 90, 110, 130, and 190. Choosing what size basically depends on the fish you are targeting. Usually, small size for small fish and vice versa, but not necessarily. The whopper plopper 90 is the most commonly used type. Many anglers use it to catch bass, and you can get 100 percent bite. As for the colors, there are multiple colors on the market, just get the ones with vivid colors. The Plusinno Whopper Plopper comes with 90cm, a perfect substitute for the whopper plopper 90. Check out the video below and see how they use Plusinno Whopper Plopper to catch bass.  

Why do you use a whopper plopper?

A solid reason most anglers go for whopper plopper is that it is the easiest topwater lure to use. You don’t have to do much work, just reel the bait back. The movements of a whopper plopper are created by its spinning tail. By reeling the bait, the tail will start spinning automatically. It works just fine no matter whether you decide to reel it quickly or slowly.

Another fun fact is that whopper plopper is loud enough to catch fish’s attention. It is one of the loudest baits you can get on the market. The noise it creates when spinning the tail is a great way to get the fish’s attention and arouse their interest. As fish always look under not above, if there’s something noisy, they would totally go after it.

You may not believe this, but it is true that whopper plopper is a young fishing bait on the market. There is a chance that the fish in your fishery area have not seen it before and it is new and fresh to the fish. Most anglers start to use the whopper plopper in recent years. And there is no bait creates similar movements and noise as a whopper plopper. So it is much more likely that you can get bites all day long while using whopper plopper.

Plusinno Whopper Plopper

How to fish whopper plopper?

As we mentioned before that whopper plopper is one of the easiest fishing lures to use. But when it comes to how to use it, situation matters. There a proper time and ideal place to throw the bait. The big fish that hesitant in shallow water are always aggressive during warm months. So, you can probably get a decent amount of fish during summer time. Whopper plopper allows anglers to cover a lot of water, but it isn’t the most grass-friendly topwater lure. So fishing for the lakes that have a lot of docks on them will most likely get you the most success.

Fishing the whopper plopper is simpler than you imagine. You just cast it out and then reel it in. The trick is to make sure the bait make a lot of noise. This works perfectly on windy days. The tip is to make the tail spin all the time. Use the rod tip to steer it on long cast and keep it spinning. One useful technique to reel the bait is to pull, pull, and pause. The hooks come with the bait are just fine, there is no need to change them. The spinning movements are irresistible to many topwater fish species, including freshwater bass and even some saltwater species.

Now you know everything about a whopper plopper, does it sound interesting to you? In a word, it is a unique type of lure that makes a lot of noise, and intriguing movements and is easy to use. They can catch more fish than most topwater baits on the market. With so many benefits, is there a reason to say no to it?

As for the price, most whopper plopper baits on the market are around $8-$12 per piece. This might seem a little expensive to you. But Plusinno is now providing the whopper plopper hard baits at only $14.99, 4 pieces included. The Plusinno whopper plopper hard lures kit comes in different colors and the length is around 3.5 inches, a great substitute for the whopper plopper 90, perfect for targeting bass and any other freshwater species. Check out Plusinno YouTube channel to watch videos about excellent fishing products.