What Are the Best Telescopic Fishing Rods

Speaking of fishing, the gear every angler cares about so much would be the fishing rod. Without a rod, you couldn’t catch fish at all. Most anglers are still using the conventional fishing rods that have existed for a very long time. The traditional fishing rods normally come in one or two pieces. They are super long, and durable out of question as well. But when it comes to being transported or carried for a long fishing trip, they are the least convenient. That’s why telescopic fishing rods become popular. So what is a telescopic rod and how do choose the best telescopic fishing rods?

A telescopic rod is the type of rod that can be collapsed down to be easily stored and transported. The feature that it can be shorter makes it very useful and versatile, giving you a lot of freedom to fish anywhere you prefer. The rod can fit in backpacks, luggage, and other tight spaces after being collapsed. When collapsed, their lengths are usually 1-2 feet. A lot of anglers are still holding objections against telescopic fishing rods, they think these rods are vulnerable and easily snap. Telescopic rods weren’t just born yesterday, they’ve existed for many years as well, and through all these years’ development, they become more and more durable.

Why do you need telescopic fishing rods and how to get the best of them? The first obvious feature of telescopic rods is that they are super compact and lightweight. They are always the ready-to-go rods whenever you feel like going on a fishing trip or adventure. They can easily fit in your backpack, car, or luggage. Built from multiple sections, they are naturally weaker than a one-piece rod, but this also depends on the exact scenario. Telescopic rods today are very sturdy to get their job done. Most of them are strong enough to handle big fish, some can even handle up to 20 lbs. What’s more attractive is that they are usually very affordable, a lot more budget than one-piece rods.

What to look for in telescopic rods? Most telescopic fishing rods are made from fiberglass or graphite. They are very lightweight and flexible. If you are looking for a decent telescopic rod, size, weight, and quality are the three most important aspects to consider. Always check the size and weight; the full dimensions should always suit your type of fishing. And as for weight, being compact is their dominant feature. You won’t prefer those bulky ones. Although they are weaker than the one-piece rods, you should always try to get the best quality telescopic rod based on the material, design, brand, and price.

Who suits telescopic fishing rods? If you are a fishing beginner who’s looking for a fishing rod and don’t know what kind of rod to try, the telescopic rod is a nice choice. They are very easy to use, compact and durable. More importantly, they are quite affordable; you don’t have to worry about the damage to an expensive rod. And they can catch all kinds of fish, and be used anywhere and anytime. Plusinno is featuring fishing gear for fishing beginners. It has many telescopic fishing rods for anglers who have just started fishing, especially the telescopic fishing rods and reel combos at very affordable prices.