Tips and Preparation for Spring Fishing

Fishing is a actually a year-round sport, you can literally going fishing in warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn and ice cold winter. When to go fishing is actually depends on the anglers’ personal preference. Well, if you are a fancier of spring fishing. It’s the time now. In spring, weather is warming up and everything starts to wake, including fish. This is the best time of the year to fish for some freshwater species. In this week’s article, we are diving into what essential tips and tackle preparation to make for spring fishing.

Spring fishing

There are some fishing tips for anglers to follow, in order to bit the weather and catch more fish

1. Seek out Warm Water

Although the weather is getting warm in spring, most of the fishing spots still have cold water. It is important to find warm water where fish may congregate, for instance, some shallow areas of the lake that may warm faster in the sun.

2. Afternoons Are the Best

As we mentioned, warm water may congregate the fish. Fish aren’t biting in early mornings, because the water is cold and its temperature is not friendly for their activity. The bright sunlight in the afternoon starts to penetrate the water and increase its temperature. This is the best time when fish start to bite on and off.

3. Follow the Water

Water movement, current change and water clarity are crucial as well for fishing. Water changes a lot more than other seasons. The best spots for fishing in spring are those places with current change or decent water clarity. If you find a good spot, you are closer to trigger a successful angling in spring.

4. Downsize Your Tackle and Baits

Fish are less aggressive and explosive in spring, don’t use your big rod or reel. Using the proper baits in spring is the key to get bit more often. Fish are unlikely to bite those big baits that move so fast. It will get you more successful fishing if you turn to those soft, small lures that move more slowly.

5. Wait Extra Seconds

We recommend not setting the hook too fast when fishing in spring, as we said that fish are still somewhat slow in spring due to the weather and temperature. When you get a bite, just wait one or two extra seconds to set the hook

6. More Patience

Apart from all technical tips, the most important is patience. Do not get frustrated when you are not getting any action, because fish are moving slowly in spring. Give it more patience and trust the process.

Plusinno Fishing Rod and Reel

What to prepare when go fishing in spring? Spring fishing starts your fishing journey of the year, do check your equipment and fishing tackles. It is time for some maintenance and restocks.

Rods and reels. Clean and wipe down your fishing rods and reels to make then perform properly. Get rid of any cracks or ricks and keep them oiled. You can also restock some necessary gears.

Replace fishing line. Although fishing line is reusable when not damaged or faded, every year should start with new fishing line in case it breaks during fishing.

Lures and baits. It is nice to start with live baits. You can also have a box of different lures to get the best bite.

Change hooks. Hooks mat get dull after many uses. You will need to change the hooks more frequently so that there is no problem when fishing.

Organize all your tackles. Before go fishing, you will also have to organize all your tackles. It is a good habit to keep them labeled, so you can find what you need in seconds.

Besides the tackles, get your personal items prepared is significant as well; bring clothes, hat, drinks and snacks, make sure you have a good fishing experience.

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