The Top 9 Reasons Fishing Is The Best Hobby

Fishing is becoming more and more popular. According to a fishing report in 2021, 18% of the U.S. population participates in fishing in 2021, and the number is in rising momentum. This means more and more people would go fishing. And it shows fishing is favored by all ages, from little ones to the elder. So, is fishing the best hobby? For people who started fishing at a young age, the passion and excitement that fishing provides can last an entire lifetime.
So, let’s find out why fishing is the best hobby and what makes it so popular.



1. It's a Great Way to Relax

After working for a long time, fishing is a great way to get away from the chaos and hassle of work. When you go fishing, you are off-grid, immersed in nature and interacting with it. This helps you to release the stress and burden from your tedious life, it’s a great way to relax. Things will get so much easier when you are fishing, it does good to clear your thoughts and mind. And you will feel so relived. That’s why people always say, when nothing goes good, grab you fishing gear and go fishing.

fishing with family

2. It's a Great Way to Spend Time with Family and Friends

Fishing is not only a good way to escape from life, it’s also a great way to make your life better by spending time with your family and friends. This can greatly strengthen the bond and connection. When you go fishing with family or friends, it’s more than just fishing, but a way to have fun together. Spending time on the water with family and friends can create a lot of sweet memories that will last for a long time. And these memories will only make the relationship between you and your family or friends more precious. Every time you recall these memories, they still make you smile. This really helps especially when you have kids, the parent and kids time will be so much valuable and meaningful.

3. It's a Great Way to Get Exercise and Stay Healthy

Regardless of all the emotional benefits fishing can bring, let’s not forget it is a sport after all. That is to say, fishing can get you some exercise to strengthen your body. You can get exercise by walking to find a great fishing spot, and when you pull the fish out from the water, it will get your muscle stronger.
Apart from that, fishing outdoors can make you inhale the freshest air from nature and get a decent amount of sunshine. It’s an excellent way to keep fit and stay healthy.

fishing time

4. It's a Great Way to Enjoy Nature

Getting close to nature frequently makes people both emotionally and physically healthy. The green trees, grass, flowers, and water are a great delight to your eyes. All the things from nature actually make you happy and released. Fishing is a great opportunity to get close to nature. When you are out there, you can enjoy rivers, creeks, mountains, trees, as well as blue skies.

5. It's a Great Way to Bond with Other Fishermen

Fishermen are never alone, when they meet someone of their kind, they will soon turn friends from strangers by exchanging their fishing experiences, fishing spots, best fishing lures, etc. So, if a fisherman wants to make friends, just go out on the water and fish. Fishing is absolutely a nice way to get in touch with other fishermen, to socialize, and to share fishing tips.

fishing with friends

6. You Can Learn a Lot about Different Types of Fish

This is a great time to learn different types of fish. In addition to that, if you want to target specific species, you will need to learn their living habits, feeding habits, and different movements in different seasons. That’s a lot of knowledge to learn. Through researching and learning, you will soon become a fish expert.

7.You Can Eat What You Catch

Fishing is not only for fun, it’s also a hunting skill. In old times, people catch fish for food. Although it becomes entertainment today, you can still eat the fish you catch. You can always buy fish to cook from supermarkets, but when you really eat the fish you caught, it’ll get you great fulfillment.

fishing kids

8. It's a Great Way to Learn to Be More Patient

No one is born angler. Before catching your personal best, you will have to come through more failures than expected. You will have to spool you fishing line, set your fishing lure, take the cast, and wait for bites. Sometimes, it is the one that got away; sometimes, it could be a snapped lure or fishing line, and the rest of time, it might be a broken fishing pole. Anything could happen while fishing, you will just need to be more patient and wait for the best timing. Fishing can turn a grumpy person into a patient one. If you have an impatient friend, take him to fish.

9. It's a Great Way to Learn Outdoors Skills

Fishing is easy to learn. But through fishing outdoors, you can learn some valuable skills. As we know fishing usually takes place outdoors, and survival skills are essential when you are out there. For instance, you will have to learn how to collect water if you forgot to take your own. And you will know how to identify deadly snakes, bugs, or plants. Apart from that, some other skills are needed as well, including building fire, collecting edible fruits, identifying directions, and more. These skills can get in very handy whenever you are out there alone.

10. Conclusion

With all the benefits of fishing said above, would you like to give it a try? Fishing is more like a lifestyle for fishermen, they are officially addicted to it. And this lifestyle will in return make their real life better. So, is fishing the best hobby to you?