How to Store Your Fishing Rods the Right Way

You may know how to catch more fish, where the best spots for fishing in different seasons are and how to choose proper fishing rod, as an experienced fisherman or angler. And most of you tend to invest a lot in fishing tackles. Well, how does it sound when you reach for your gears and find out that they just tangled up together? That’s awful, right? It is for sure that every angler wants to keep their rods free from harm and last as long as possible. With proper storage, we can surely achieve that. In this blog post, we are going to talk about how to store your fishing rods the right way.

Fishing gear is pretty important to a fisherman, although he may have many different fishing rods. Most of fishing rods come in very strong to catch big fish, but they can also be quite delicate and vulnerable to damage under improper maintenance. In order to well store your fishing rods and keep them in a good state, there are some tips to keep in mind.

Do not keep your rods exposed to constant sunlight. This might sound confusing to you. You may go fishing on a sunny day and how can the rod not be exposed to sunlight? Just because of that, avoid being exposed to constant sunlight while in storage is a protection to your rods.

Plusinno Fishing Rod Rack

Always keep your gears clean and dry. It can definitely keep your rods last longer if clean it after every use, especially when you are going to a saltwater trip, the saltwater can be very corrosive. Use some water to clean it with a cloth and wipe it up. To keep your rods dry, it is suggested not to place them horizontally on the ground. Because the moisture from different season will damage the poles and they may tend to rot or break easily. The right thing to do is to clean your rods on a regular basis and keep them off the ground.

Keep you fishing rods away from falling objects. These incidents can cause direct damage to your fishing gears. It is necessary to find a safe place to store them.

So, what is the best way to store all your fishing rods? Most of anglers would choose to store with a storage cabinet in their garage. But truth to be told, it will take too much space. To keep your fishing rods well organized, there is another useful equipment, the rod rack. You can just mount it on the wall of your garage and it can hold your rods pretty well. As you can see , the wall mounted rod rack comes with very compact design which doesn’t take up too much space, meanwhile, it can keep your rods neat, away from falling objects, sunlight and moisture.

Where to get affordable fishing rod rack

There are different types of fishing rod racks out there, but not all of them are worth trying. Here, we’d like to introduce you this Plusinno wall mounted fishing rod rack, it is made with polymer material, durable and sturdy texture. Unlike those bulky ones, its compact and non-slip silicone roller design enables you to store your fishing rods in a neat way, while doesn’t take much space. Each pack can store up to 9 fishing rods. You can also choose to mount it vertically or horizontally. With this fishing rod rack, you can safely store all your fishing rods.

As for those who wants to store their fishing rods in the car when go for fishing trip, Plusinno also has the fishing rod holder especially for car, quite convenient for those who constantly drive to another place for fishing.

The Plusinno wall mounted fishing rod rack is very affordable and popular; you can get it at $20.99 only from Plusinno. If you need a tool to store all your fishing rods, you might as well take a look at this item, truly helpful. And the car fishing rod holder is priced at $24.99 only. Both are economic storage options.