How To Quickly Land A Fish

As an angler, you may be very familiar with how to cast a fishing rod, how to reel the fishing line, when to use the proper baits, how to set the hook, and so on. These basic techniques no doubt are very helpful to catch fish. However, when it comes to the last step, landing the fish, many of you may get confused. Is it that important? The answer is yes. If you are bad at landing fish, the fish could get away eventually, no matter how well it’s hooked. Learning how to land a fish is the last step to help you successfully catch it.

Landing fish with a net

The most effective and safest way to land a fish is using a landing net. When the fish is getting closer, just lead it in with a landing net. The fish is unlikely to get away when it’s in the net already. However, do remember to use the landing net with a proper size that fits the fish you are trying to catch. If the size is smaller than the fish, the fish can still get away. Using a landing net can easily land a fish. Speaking of convenience, a floating landing net will be perfect. If you like to fish some creeks, small rivers, or from a kayak, the Plusinno floating landing net is your second-to-none choice. With the floatable feature, you can always get it back on the water, because it just stays floating.

Landing a fish without a net

This might be a little tricky. Use different techniques when it comes to the fish size. If the fish is not very big, we recommend that you swing the fish out of the water. This is a quick and effective way to land a small fish, with minimum effort required. But don’t do that when the fish is much larger, because the fishing line may break because of the sudden pressure added to the line. You will also have to be very careful, as the fish may fly off the hook and you could eventually lose the fish.

Another useful tip to land a fish without a net is always keeping your rod high and bent. When the fish jumps as you reel it in, by keeping the rod high and bent, you can keep the line from getting loose, so that the fish will stay hooked.

Land a fish

When the fish is getting either closer to you or to your boat, lay your rod down and use your free hand to hold the belly of the fish. When catching the fish, we recommend using a pair of fishing gloves, they will prevent the fish from slipping from your hand or free your hand from getting hooked.

There can be more ways to land a fish, depending on where you fish from. But basically, with a landing net, it can be much easier. If you are looking for a handy landing net, the Plusinno telescopic floating landing net is a perfect choice at an affordable price.