Fishing Rod Holder: How To Choose A Fishing Rod Holder?

Economical and practical are fundamental. Choose the right one to enjoy a more comfortable fishing experience.

Fishing rods are necessary for fishing, so do thefishing rod holders. A suitable fishing rod holder can protect the fishing rod and improve our fishing experience.For reusable fishing rod holders, it is better we choose them carefully because an economical and practical fishing rod holder can improve the efficiency of our fishing. Many people think theycan either hold the rod or throw it directly on the ground. However, this is not the right way. That’s because it is very tiring for fisherman to hold the rod in their hand for a long time.After a day of fishing, you will feel back pain, and if you throw it on the ground, it will damage your rod in the long run. Most of the ponds have fine grit on the edge of the pond. This kind of grit adheres to our poles, which will cause friction or scratches on our poles, significantly reduce both the strength and the life of our poles.

Plusinno Fishing Rod Holder

A good fishing rod holder can effectively reduce the consumption of physical strength and protect fishing rod. So,choosing a matching fishing rod holder needs some skill. Below we will provide some suggestion about how to choose a right fishing rod holder.

How to choose an economical and practical fishing rod holder

1. The length of the fishing rod holder needs to selected based on the lengthof the fishing rod. The popular lengths of fishing rod holders are generally 1.5 meters, 1.7 meters, 2.1 meters, 2.4 meters, and 3 meters. If your fishing rod is 3.6 meters or 4.5 meters, then we can buy a fishing rod holder of 1.5 meters or 1.7 meters. If your fishing rod is 5.4 meters, so it may be necessary to buy a 2.1-meter fishing rod holder, and so on. The longer our fishing rod is, the longer our fishing rod holder will be.

2. The material selection of the fishing rod holder is also critical. There are many kindsof material for fishing rod holders, including stainless steel, carbon, and aluminum alloys. Among them, aluminum alloys and stainless steels are relatively cheap. The most expensive ones are carbon materials. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel are easy to deform. Ingeneral, it is better to buy a carbon one because it is lighter and durable.

3. While choosing a fishing rod holder, we also need to look at the weight of the rod. The weight of the fishing rod holder depends on both the length of the rod and the material of the rod. Ingeneral, in terms of the durability of the material and the match of the length, it is better to have the fishing rod holder made ofcarbon material.