Basic Trout Fishing Tips: How To Catch More Fish

Bass and trout are the two most popular freshwater species for fishermen to catch. Unlike bass that can be caught in most waters, trout are a little high demanding on the spot. Although trout are quite abundant and common, they can’t be caught in any random area. There are some certain tips or rules to follow, in order to catch more fish.

Where to find trout

The 3 most common species of trout that anglers usually chase are the Rainbow, Brook, and Brown. As the name implies, the Rainbow is acknowledged as the most beautiful trout. Trout can live in any freshwater spot, like lakes, streams, and ponds. Lakes are ideal spots for trout fishing, as they are often stocked up with trout and you can choose to fish from the land or boat. Trout do favor cold water and can be found in cold and moving water like rivers and usually, creeks.

Best gears for trout fishing

A medium-weight casting or spinning rod is good enough to start trout fishing. The size of trout is usually smaller than those big ones, like the musky, beginner-level fishing gear is good to go. Pair the rod with a spinning reel and you’ve completed the first step to trout fishing. Another often seen way to fish trout is fly fishing. A fair number of fly anglers love trout fishing as well. When it comes to fly fishing, the rod has to be a decent quality one, as it is certain tactics concerned.

Plusinno Spinning Fishing Rod

Lures and baits

Many anglers would choose live baits to catch trout, like earthworms. Sometimes, live baits are not available, so artificial lures that mimic the natural ones are working just fine. Although trout have very excellent eyesight, they are not truly picky eaters, as long as the lures are natural and close to live baits, they can go after almost anything. That is to say, lures like spinners, jigs, and crankbaits are useful as well. As a matter of fact, these artificial lures are much more popular.

Landing net

Why carry a net on the water? The reason is obvious, a landing net helps land a fish much easier, no matter what size the fish could be. Moreover, it makes the release a lot easier as well. A net can be quite useful for trout fishing in the creek. The Plusinno wooden handle landing net with a rubber net bag is perfect for trout fishing. It is very lightweight, compact, and sturdy, perfect for catch or release.

Plusinno Fishing Net

And now here you can get plenty of fishing gear for your trout fishing trip at Plusinno. The gears from Plusinno are quite budget and easy to get hands-on. Plusinno is a brand featuring affordable fishing fears for beginners who are trying to learn how to fish.